Dive on Parody Coin (PARO) – Why this NFT project can be revolutionary

For the NFTs to realize their potential for meritocracy, it is important

For many, crypto ni network 3 providing an opportunity to create a more balanced and independent platform to take ownership of your assets, with NFT being a key player in the ecosystem. While growing pain is common to any growing industry, ETH gas-related fees for trading and making NFTs are sometimes so high that there is negligence in the market. This puts a barrier to entry for your low to medium price products.

While this is not an issue for their state-of-the-art NFTs like the BAYC ones that we have seen sold for millions, it is a problem for the meritocracy as the average trader would not justify a $ 50 gas fee per purchase. sales value of $ 300. Thus, the same system that was created to reduce the high barriers to entry and institutional monopoly has inherited a problem similar to the high demand we see.

So, while we should not blame Ethereum Blockchain too harshly, since they laid the foundation for future success in Web 3 and Metaverse, we should welcome competition and alternative options that enhance reputation and help NFTs realize their true potential.

Benefits of Parody

An initial stage project that is gaining great attention recently is Parody Coin (PARO). Parody Coin aims to address the issue of meritocracy in the ecosystem by creating a platform that allows users to create coins and trade the popular parody versions of NFTs. Although NFT in most cases is not unique, the use of NFTs that work, users can get value in the same way as you would with native NFT.

Also, if the owner of the NFT bought a parody, he could burn the original to make the original parody. On the surface it may seem like this is outdated, but this allows consumers to benefit from lower gas levels in the Parody Coin market and a more competitive market will emerge.

The capabilities of this calculator option are very impressive and are likely to be the most exciting part of PARO. It encompasses all the philosophies that surround why so many people are in the ecosystem and reduce the problem we see in many markets with high gas levels.

Paro Gifts and Tokenomics

To realize the benefits of the protocol, Parody also has strong tokenomics and gives users the opportunity to earn rewards by placing gambling in its native currency, Parody Coin. There is also a ParoReward signaling program to place only signals. Staking is one of the best ways to support the internet and get a gift from it, however, a minimum 2 week lockout will be required to qualify for a gift. This is true for early stage coins where longer duration is usually required and may cause some users to worry, but for at least 2 weeks this will not be a problem.

Additionally, Parody Currency is a non-commodity asset, meaning that over time, the currency will appreciate whether anti-inflation measures are in place through a combination of burning and redistribution for those holding the signal.

The launch of the IDO is scheduled for the summer of 2022 on Pancakeswap according to the whitepaper, with 70% of the total distribution planned to be made public and 15% set aside for community gifts and an incentive program to help those who decide. in the protocol.

Convincing project

With his offer being one of the most successful new NFT-related projects in recent days, many already support that Parody will be a major competitor in the market and it is easy to see why. Essentially, it is a protocol that seeks to address a major problem in the ever-expanding market and implies a philosophy that the community can easily support due to its emphasis on merit and equity. With strong ignition tokenomics, Parody could be an NFT-based project that you should consider adding to your portfolio and, at the very least, dive further into the investigation.

For us, Parody is a compelling project.

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Parody Coin (PARO)

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