Do you want to become an amateur astronomer? Learn to see the sky with professionals

This week, onlookers witnessed the Strawberry Supermoon – a celestial event in which the Moon, in its entirety, appears to be the largest and brightest.

Some people were surprised by the absence of red tones, but “Strawberry” has nothing to do with color. The event was so named by the Native Americans as the full moon, June, because it was the month when the fruit ripens in the Northern Hemisphere.

See some photos from around the world:

The next Supermoon month – that of the Deer – will be held next month, July 13, and will be the end of the year. Astronomical events like these can be beautiful, exciting and not difficult to follow as they may seem.

To be ready to look at the sky a little closer, tilt Separated tips for looking at the sky and seeing more of the stars.

The sky is dark

The best time to look at the sky is when it is dark and cloudless.

“The big problem with big cities is that there is light pollution. The first thing I say is that when you are in a dark place, stand up and look up, you can see a lot more,” explains Thiago Signorini Goncalves, an Observatory professor. do Valongo (UFRJ) and author of Tilt columns.


If you are an iPhone or iPad user, Apple makes the Star Walk app available. Just point the device at the sky for details such as star names and directions.

Google Sky is an online service that allows you to visualize space. It is similar to Map, but instead of navigating countries and continents, the user can view galaxies. The app uses images from aerospace surveys around the world.


To get the best view of the sky you need a telescope all the time, a telescope can make some clusters of stars look perfect.

Experienced astronomers often recommend a telescope to anyone new in astronomy. They are cheaper and easier to use than telescopes. Exploring the Milky Way with a telescope is an indescribable feeling. Prefer designs with low magnification (from 7 to 10 times)
Gustavo Rojas, an astronomer at the Federal University of São Carlos

Photos: Getty Photos


If you are willing to invest a little more, experts say that a simple lens with a target of 60mm can be obtained from R $ 500.

“I do not say buy a telescope immediately, because it is expensive and one may not use it very much. There are many low-quality telescopes with poor optics, which the picture would not be good. A 25 magnification is enough to see a lot”, explains Signorini.

What to look for?

For those who are beginning to look at the sky and still do not know where to direct the lens, the easiest goal to see is the Moon.

The best time to see the Moon is when it is shrinking or falling. When it is full you cannot see the details because light enters the path
Thiago Signorini Goncalves, professor at the Valongo Research Center

Perseids - Parenting / Kenneth Brandon - Parenting / Kenneth Brandon

Perseid meteor shower

Photo: Play / Kenneth Brandon

How to get a shooting star?

The most famous shooting stars are meteorites and can be seen at dawn in a dark place.

“The best time is when it is a meteor shower, when there is a lot of activity of this kind of thing”, explains Rojas.

Do not despair!

The main tip of astronomers is to be patient.

“It’s important to invest time and deal with a cold night to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the World.

Another way to look at the sky and better understand what is happening in the world is to seek publicity and participate in observations by astronomers.

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