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Dinosaurs have always been creatures present in sports and popular with fans. Capcom’s Dino Crisis, for example, is a game that gained popularity by using prehistoric creatures as a major threat. In Jurassic World Evolution 2, the film adaptation puts you in control of the management gardens. Finally, in the Horizon saga, the heroine fights against monsters that have been led by ancient giants. There are regular and new games that have the same preferences and make the fans’ enthusiasm hot all the time.

Other lesser-known games, such as The Isle and Second Extinction, should also be considered, along with a few other games that are being developed and released soon, such as The Lost Wild. Whether new or old, check out games featuring dinosaurs that are popular.

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Games with dinosaurs are still very popular, such as Jurassic World – Photo: Solution / Border Development

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Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC, for the simple purpose of being a park management game. The game puts you in different situations to save, care for and transform the dinosaur depending on their physical and terrestrial conditions.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Parks – Photo: Disclosure / Border Development

It is based on the Jurassic World film series, a continuation of the former Jurassic Park, star actor Chris Pratt and which was recently featured in the movie. Characters from feature films are present and deal with the player asking for missions or giving tips. Dinosaurs of all kinds, whether scary or rogue, also exist.

Released on various platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that puts you in a variety of lives. Here the player is a character who wakes up in a world that combines modernity with antiquity and must collect material to save himself.

ARK: Survival Evolved puts the character in the world he needs to live – Photo: Disclosure / Studio Wildcard

Dinosaurs are some of the many existing creatures, which can serve as a mountain, serve as rivals in battle and also act as a source of resources. The game is updated regularly and always changes its play a bit, but it is still praised and loved by fans.

Dino Crisis is a completely original game of the 90s, one of the original Capcom games of PSOne, which featured hero Regina, a special agent who is sent to the island to investigate secret weapon tests. Weapons, fortunately, were dinosaurs, which were secretly re-created, but that escaped their boundaries, causing problems for everyone present and which could threaten humanity.

Dino Crisis had elements of Resident Evil – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

Dino Crisis is famous for borrowing a game model from the Resident Evil series and setting up a completely different story format, without zombies or any other terrifying elements except a different dinosaur. The player faces dino like Velociraptor, Therizinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, among others.

The Isle, which has not yet been officially released, is available in Early Access on Steam for PC and can be purchased and downloaded, but is still considered to be in the “testing phase” for all intents and purposes. However, it is a game that deserves to be highlighted in its proposal as well as in the graphics.

The Island is in Premature Access to Photo – Photo: Disclosure / Afterthought LLC

On the Island, you choose a dinosaur and just live. The game puts you in a very comfortable environment where you always have to move, hunt, feed and drink water. But that will not be easy when you encounter other dinos, which can be predators or grasshoppers, who can handle any opponent without much trouble.

Another early access game, Second Missing can be played on PC and Xbox cones as well. He is a first-person shooter who uses transformed dinosaurs in the post-apocalyptic world. Creatures have taken over and players must face that threat.

Second Extinction Dino has taken the place of the World and the player will have to deal with it – Photo: Disclosure / System Responses

The Second Extinction contains dinosaurs of all kinds and even more diverse, as they are modified species with new mutations and the ability to attack or survive. The game puts future elements in the mix and also highlights the best graphics.

Monster Hunter: The universe can already be considered modern Capcom. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the game is one of the most praised games in the Monster Hunter series, especially responsible for branding in the West, with the most advanced graphics and missions ever updated.

Monster Hunter: The Universe has huge animals that look like Dinos – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

The game does not have a well-defined story. It introduces the player to a world where he lives as a hunter and has to hunt large animals like dinosaurs to create tools, weapons and armor. In time, more creatures, giants and those of hell, will appear as a threat, and thus you will improve your abilities and ways to fight between each task.

LEGO: Jurassic World is a comedy series of 2015 films, the first with Chris Pratt in the lead role. The game was released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Computers, with the suggestion of using the LEGO series model in events that bring you back to the Isla Nublar.

Jurassic World went from movies to games in the form of LEGO toys – Photo: Disclosure / Warner

Hero Owen Grady is responsible for training dinosaurs, especially his group Velociraptors. He has been hired to deal with a new dino promoted in the laboratory who has escaped his imprisonment, threatening everyone on the island. This game is fun because it brings the same story to the movie and the usual elements, and also allows you to control the animals sometimes.

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, the hero Aloy is the chosen one who will conquer the machine and restore order to the ruined world. These events are happening in the distant future, where humanity has been forced to go back a few years of evolution, to a time when few technological advances have been made, when creatures have become machines of thought and horror many times over.

One of the dinos from Horizon: Zero Dawn – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

Horizon: Zero Dawn, an open-world, third-person game, is one of the best games of the PS4 and uses dinosaur to inspire living creatures fighting Aloy. There are animals that resemble Velociraptors, some that are similar to T-Rex, among others that are also dominated by animals in the modern world by their design and behavior.

The Lost Wild is a game that deserves more mention as it has yet to be released, but you expect to be one of the main representatives of the dinosaur species. The producer promises that the game will have a well-developed artificial intelligence for dinos and that everything will be revolutionary in terms of play.

Promises of The Lost Wild – Photo: Broadcast / Great Chimpanzee

The game is supposed to come to PC soon and has some awesome features, as well as being in the first person. The player is trapped in a wild environment with different dinos and needs to withstand the constant threats that surround him. It’s an eye-catching title.

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