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Fox Business producer Eleanor Terrett’s followers exploded after she began providing commentary on SESC’s lawsuit against Ripple.

As it gains more recognition in the cryptocurrency community, it has become a prime target for social media imitators, says Fox Business producer Eleanor Terrett.

So, I find myself having to tweet a lot, saying, just a reminder guys, I don’t have a private profile; “I will never communicate with you,” Teret tells the magazine.

However, she warns that if you’re looking for the next altcoin, they probably won’t be the ones to find it for you.

“I don’t have stock trading tips or cryptocurrency trading tips,” Teret stated.

Too bad she can’t say the same for all those imitators walking around out there: they’re scamming people too. There’s one called Private Eleanor Terret. They send emails to people saying: Subscribe to my trading strategy.

What shocked Teret even more was that some of these followers had three, four, and five thousand followers.

Although it may seem kind of cute, she’s really curious as to how these scammers manage to gather such followers pretending to be her.

Terrett has amassed over 90,000 followers through her frequent commentary on Ripple’s lawsuit against the SEC.

Her fan base is growing so fast that people are blowing up her DMs for paid sponsorships, just like these amazing influencers.

But, at the moment, she doesn’t really accept that idea.

I don’t want to promote anything at the moment; I have an employer, and right now, this is not a good fit for me. Maybe one day, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll move jobs, or do something else in crypto.

However, she publicly admits that she receives a large number of partnership applications.

When Teret isn’t busy with her day job at Fox Business as journalist and producer for Charlie Gasparino or finding the latest cryptocurrency news for her followers, she enjoys giving back by spending time with animals.

I volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends because I love animals, and I believe they are better than humans.

However, the highlight of her career was receiving a cheeky follow-up from Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance.

Moreover, he shouted out her and praised her comments on social media. Teret explains that she explained a misconception to her Twitter followers (now X): [I further tweeted that] It is not necessary for the CZ to appear in person [for his court appearance]. He will not come to the United States to testify. And I think he retweeted me and said, Eleanor got it right!

However, she still hopes to follow Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

What made Twitter famous?

Teret says she only had a few Twitter followers before she ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies.

I really attribute my follower growth to crypto because I’m now over 90,000, which is amazing to me. I look at it every day and I’m like, this is crazy.

She says it all started when pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton tagged Charlie Gasparino in a tweet, nine months after the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple.

Deaton urged him to take a peek at Ripple v. SEC. Deaton called it the biggest financial story of the century.

Teret explains that her job was to really dig into the case, and that’s what got her hooked.

It was a summary of the Ripple case, how it happened, the timeline, and all the key players involved, she says.

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Teret had no idea that her constant updates on the SEC v. Ripple case would eventually propel her into the cryptocurrency industry spotlight.

The suit got me really interested in the whole space in the first place. Obviously, Ripple comes with an XRP community that follows it, so that’s kind of intertwined, as you explained.

Teret explains that the increase in her follower count is simply the result of gradually building trust over time:

I like to be reliable and trustworthy. So, it’s a great course. I do good, and then people follow me. Cryptocurrencies have definitely been a catalyst for my followers.

What content can people expect?

Terrett likes to focus on the legal and regulatory side of cryptocurrencies and admits that she’s not really a price analyst person.

It announces that it is closely monitoring any new regulatory developments in the world of cryptocurrencies:

So, for me, it’s mostly about organization and politics. So, anything that comes out of Washington related to crypto, whether it’s the SEC, whether it’s the CFTC, or bills going on in Congress, it’s all very much from a political standpoint.

What do you enjoy on Twitter?

Terrett’s passion for cryptocurrency regulations means she enjoys keeping tabs on all the important figures in the US government to ensure she doesn’t miss any exciting updates about what’s happening:

So, the Tom Emmers, Bill Huizinga, and Warren Davidson people are the ones who, if they’re going to spread the news, they’re probably going to tweet it, right?

She has also put all the cryptocurrency exchange CEOs on her Twitter radar, making sure she doesn’t miss any hot gossip to share with her followers.


Terrett refrains from announcing any cryptocurrency price forecasts. However, you may find an indirect hint of excitement about a crypto asset every now and then.

The day after Ripple scored a partial win over the SEC, it announced that the cryptocurrency exchange had suffered a minor failure, likely due to the mad rush of people trying to buy XRP.

However, after delving into almost every cryptocurrency-related court filing this year, I made some predictions about the industry over the next 12 months:

I think the SEC has got a bit of a nest egg in terms of its recent losses in cryptocurrency enforcement cases.

Just as taking small steps can lead to success, Teret firmly believes that all of these small victories in the cryptocurrency space, like Ripple’s recent one, will add up over time, creating a path to a more transparent industry.

She specifically points to Uniswap’s recent class action lawsuit as a good step forward for the industry:

The judge said you can’t blame the programs for your losses. This was a historic case in that sense. This is basically what DeFi is, right? Its programs.

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