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Even after paying more expensive than usual to play Maracanã against Cruzeiro, Vasco made more profit than it did in São Januário in Serie B. The 12th round match earned the club R $ 652,690.19 – three times as much. than the average collected in the six matches he sent to the stadium itself.

The amount of R $ 250,000 levied for tax caused friction between Vasco and a Maracanã employee, but was paid by the club, which had a gross income of R $ 2,284,230.50. The number and high demand for ticket fans prompted the board to try to send the game against Sport, July 3, to the stadium once again. The manager has not yet responded to the club’s request.

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Vasco fans in Maracanã, against Cruzeiro – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco

Vasco sent seven home games in Series B, six in São Januário and one in Maracanã. The game with the biggest financial gain in the stadium itself was against Bahia, with a profit of R $ 281,665.83. The average collection in Colina is R $ 200,619.14. See actual income:

  • Vasco Vila Nova – BRL 268,508.74
  • Vasco x Ponte Preta – R $ 7,604.58
  • Vasco x CSA – BRL 202,465.50
  • Vasco x Bahia – BRL 281,665.83
  • Vasco x Brusque – BRL 213,506.23
  • Vasco x Grêmio – BRL 229,964.01
  • Vasco x Cruzeiro – BRL 652,690.19

In total, Vasco has already made a profit of R $ 1,856,405.08 with the box office in Series B.

The good phase of the team, which is Serie B and the only team that has not lost in the race, attracts crowds on the field. Next Friday, at 19h, against Operário-PR, Vasco will get a new advantage with the box office this season: all 22,000 tickets obtained from São Januário have been sold.

One week before the game against Cruzeiro there was a volatile situation with the relationship between Vasco and the coalition governing Maracanã. There were a lot of complaints from the club, which understood that it paid unequal taxes to the stadium, had no share in the revenue of the bars, had an institutional band voting and demanding more tickets available. None of the four requests were fulfilled.

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When it moved the game against Cruzeiro to Maracanã, the club was shocked by the R $ 250,000 lease, as well as the refund of R $ 130,000. Vasco claims to have paid R $ 90,000 for rent at Campeonato Carioca, the same price that Flamengo and Fluminense continue to pay per match. The amendment was about 200%, which angered Vasco’s administration, which paid the amount charged, but promised to apply for a share of the money.

Despite the friction, the board made a request to play Maraca again against Sport, for the 16th round of Serie B, and intends to send more matches to the venue this season. Same ideas of 777 Partners, which is a SAF acquisition negotiator from the club and has an interest in the field. In addition, with the planned renovation of São Januário, Vasco hopes to become Maracanã as its main stage in the construction period.

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With the help of 777, Vasco intends to participate in the tender along with Flamengo and Fluminense. There is still hope for a compromise with rivals, but the club is firmly in its goal of managing Maracanã. If it does not have the support of the two Fla-Flu, management intends to find new ways to submit tenders, either with an American company or in partnership with another private group.

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