Everton Cebolinha thanks Flamengo with affection and says: “I will face anxiety” | Flamengo

Officially announced by Flamengo this Monday, Everton Cebolinha said he is looking forward to playing for the first time at the club, which could only happen after July 18, when the transfer window opens.

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The forward still has a few days off to enjoy, but warned that he would do everything in his power to play.

– Very happy, fulfilled and looking forward to playing soon, feeling the passion of the fans on the field. I will have time to prepare. Unfortunately, I get a little nervous about seeing my teammates, but I’ll be better prepared to do the job when asked – he told FlaTV.

Everton Cebolinha, a new player registered with Flamengo – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / CRF

Asked if his arrival at Flamengo increased his hopes of attracting the attention of coach Tite in the final round of preparations for the Cup, Everton said it was not a matter of deciding his return to the country.

– Sure (hope), but that wasn’t the main reason. And I came back because of Flamengo. I know if I do a good job I will be remembered.

Everton announces that he is leaving Flamengo on his social networks: “Now I am Mengão”

Regarding the love he began to receive during talks with Flamengo, Everton said he was pleased with the amount of messages received. He recalled that in January he had already spoken to the red-haired leaders and that he now hopes to restore all their faith.

– I know my responsibility to wear a shirt for a big club like Flamengo. I will be well prepared for this. I was so impressed with the reception I had, my social networks were full. I hope you respond in the best possible way, with titles. Since the first contact, in January, I had already given Ok to Flamengo, but we still had a Champions League dispute. Now it is done – he said.

Watch the arrival of Everton Cebolinha at Flamengo

Watch the arrival of Everton Cebolinha at Flamengo

Regarding the number 19 he will wear, Everton said that success in the 2019 Copa América, with the Brazilian team, made him choose.

– That’s why I chose it, I have a good memory. I was the champion and best scorer of Maracanã with that number.

Flamengo announces Everton Cebolinha as new coach

Flamengo announces Everton Cebolinha as new coach

For the 26-year-old Everton, Flamengo will pay Benfica a fixed amount of 13.5 million euros, but that amount could reach approximately 16 million euros depending on the criteria:

  • Another 1 million euros for Flamengo sports performance;
  • 10% of future transfers or 1.5 million euros if the striker stays at Flamengo until December 31, 2025 and achieves personal goals.

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