Ezra Miller of The Flash Says He Recorded Prison For Sale As NFT

Ezra Miller

Photo: Reproduction / Disclosure of social networks

The controversy over Ezra Miller is endless! After being arrested twice in less than a month in Hawaii on charges of assault and aggressive behavior, the “The Flash” star is now he says he recorded the attack he received, as well as the arrest, in order to sell material like NFT. The images are from the cameras of police bodies, according to information provided by the website. TMZ.

“I was attacked and started filming. Let me show you a video. I was attacked in this bar, twice in a row. I record myself when I am attacked by the secret arts of the NFT, “he said in a police video tape found by TMZ.

In the photo, it is possible to see that Miller did not understand why he was arrested, and a police officer described it as “misconduct”. “Am I being held accountable for my actions? I was attacked, ”the artist questioned.

Following the arrest, Ezra attempted to explain what happened at a Hawaiian bar as a way to justify his actions. “The boy from the bar identified himself as a Nazi. I recorded it and he attacked me,” he said.

Finally, the actress applied for her right to reconsider, in an arrest warrant: “I claim my right to 9th amendment so that I will not be illegally charged with a crime without appointment. Misconduct means something I am not guilty of,” he claimed.

In a video camera of the officer’s body, Miller can still be seen screaming and asking about the identities and badges of the officers. according to TMZ, one of the actress’s victims told officers that Ezra had attacked her, “spitting in her face in surprise.” The tape also shows Miller’s victim saying he was playing dati and “digging his own” when the actor appeared and spat on him.

The woman in charge of the filmmaking, seems to be making a request to Ezra Miller to calm down. At the end of the video, the actress begins apologizing to the police, claiming she was calm. At one point, it looked like he had a toy gun. The video ends with Miller urging them to take special precautions using the Flash ring, saying something “means a lot to me.” Following the incident, Ezra Miller was fined $ 500 and released.

Origin of Ezra Miller

Shortly afterwards, Ezra Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii. The first time, on charges of misconduct and abuse, and the second time, on a second assault.

Despite this, several netizens started speculating about the possible dismissal of the actor as The Flash, with recent rumors even suggesting he could be replaced by Dylan O’Brien, from “Teen Wolf”.

However, it appears that Warner Bros. he doesn’t really care about the actor’s arguments. This is because, according to Adam B. Vary, from Differentthe company is not considering firing Ezra Miller as The Flash, despite all the issues surrounding the actor.

journalist Umberto Gonzalez, from Wrap, also confirmed that the actor should not be removed from DCEU. More than that, website comic book resources confirmed Adam’s lineup when he revealed that a studio source had confirmed that such replacement rumors were completely false, including that an emergency meeting to determine Ezra’s future would be held, with the idea of ​​putting him in the refrigerator. ”For the next few years.

“I’ve been told WB * is not considering replacing Ezra Miller on THE FLASH,” wrote Adam B. Vary, without revealing his source. He added in a second tweet that: “It is also worth noting that THE FLASH finished recording several months ago, and Ezra Miller is playing many versions of Barry Allen. Changing them could mean editing the entire film,” he explained.

Still According to Hawaii Police Assistant Chief of Police Kenneth Quiocho, the actor was responsible for ten calls to police in Hilo, Hawaii, between March 7 and April 19, the date of his second arrest.

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