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Formerly known as Oculus Connect, now known as Facebook Connect, the annual event features the latest news from Mark Zuckerberg’s company on virtual mail devices and services. This year’s edition has increased interest, first and foremost because of the negative environment surrounding Facebook Papers, about leaked documents that highlight flaws in content management and corporate practices in child protection, especially after Frances Haugen testified in the US Senate , the famous “informant” who initiated the investigation.

But the second major issue of the event, which could put back the common enthusiasm about the company’s new real-world headlines is the Facebook brand change event. Mark Zuckerberg had already raised the edge of the curtain that the company could even change its name. That is, Facebook would just be the name of the social network included in the new brand, as well as WhatsApp and Instagram. It’s like Google created the Alphabet as a brand to include all the companies in the group. And so it happened, Facebook, the parent company and the sum of all the social networks we know, is now known as Meta.

But in order to come up with the name Meta, Mark Zuckerberg spent an hour and a half explaining what his metaverse is, which he took on the name of the mother company. Thus the metaverse becomes another branch of the company, linked to part of the real truth, as well as its social networks and other companies.

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Mark Zuckerberg started the event with a message about a better future, the future we want and that the owner of Facebook will put all his efforts into making it a reality. But what is the future for this? Metaverse, of course. The owner of Facebook wants to give users the tools and ability to express themselves globally, setting the video model as the current approach. The next platform will be more immersive, with more uses which is what the company calls Metaverse, interacting, reading and doing activities in the distant world. Mark Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse is the next step in the mobile network. It will no longer look at the small window of the device, but have an eye touch and interaction. Instead of looking at the screen, it will be a living experience, in a more natural way. “It’s not about being in front of the screen for long, but sinking deeper.”

Facebook Metaverse

There are already some blocks in the metaverse construction, but there are still some missing pieces, says the company leader. For now, some examples of how we can gain experience: connect with people. In one example, a leader created an email avatar, entering a virtual world where other people created their own avatar, be it a robot or a character influenced by zero gravity. Calling in this world is a pull from the email screen. Then anything can happen, visiting the theme, and in the external phones, in the real world, the avatar is visible and not the person himself.

“You will feel a lot of people ‘s feelings and faces, as if we were there personally”, so you need to create an avatar, be it animated to interact with friends, or literally if it is for work. The idea is to create an avatar to share between apps. But it all starts in the user’s email home, where he can invite his friends or create a working space. There are different opportunities, be it sports or other, that you can teleport. And to do so is like clicking a web address, when you click it you will be able to access that space. And the items you collect are available in all apps. And Mark Zuckerberg does not refer to things in NFT that are in style. It will be possible to bring things from reality to the internet, from photos, videos, music, and promises in the future even to the creation of a hologram, in real life, of these things.

The idea is for users to create this world, its spaces and connections. Horizon Home is the first thing you will see when you turn on the Quest VR microphone. This space will serve as a social network, connecting people. Then there will be Horizon Worlds, a world that has been in beta since last year. And the Horizon Partnership is a chance to work. Messenger gets the original version of the email, so you can call friends within this email space.

And even concerts can be attended to in this metaverse, either in person, or through an avatar, without leaving the living room of course. It is called Horizon Afterparty and it looks like an online venue where you will “drink” with friends. You can change clothes, buy mail products and even music that you will hear in the sky. This will give the producers the opportunity to connect with the new audience. And common objects will be affected by the dynamics and interactions of users.

There is also a market for producers to share their 3D items, as producers and users are the ones who will create and make sense of this ugly situation, says the owner of Facebook. Gaming has not been forgotten in this context, citing the example of playing “normal games” from new visions, like the usual game of chess, with people in various parts of the planet. Another example was given of Ping pong, combining real players with avatars, sharing the same space. More broadly, Zuckerberg preferred to find a wave, browsing in this online world.

“Direct service” games will take the opportunity to change, games in constant evolution, with a lot of content, such as Beat Saber, one of the best virtual reality games released. Population One has become one of the most played games in Quest, a royal contest created by e-mail. More content is promised. The next part was to share sports trailers that will be available on the Oculus Quest market, including GTA San Andreas, redesigned for virtual reality.

Equality is another important area of ​​metaverse, or real reality. It will be possible to play a boxing match between different players, which you will have to strengthen physically or against ordinary opponents. Basketball matches, fence bikes or theaters were also presented, combining reality with the internet.

In terms of work, Facebook considers that mobile work is here to stay for most people. So you can create a space in the metaverse, a common workplace, where you can share work, hold meetings, wherever you are. Facebook will continue to launch content to personalize work rooms, but also apps and internet services, such as social networks. It will soon be possible to try Facebook within a metaverse. “I’m very happy to bring remote work to the metaverse,” says the company’s boss. For you, this change will be very positive for everyone, and also for the environment, when you save money on transportation.

Teaching will also benefit from these changes, using pharmaceutical programs to mimic the activities and responsibilities of practicing e-mail. Even the famous David Attenborough will give lectures about nature in his metaverse space.

In order to bring the metaverse to the public more, the company wants to continue to reduce the prices of headphones, but also to expand its store with features of this compatible world on PC. In this way, he hopes to change the concept of business, many of whom are still unaware of their potential. An example was given of not being able to currently purchase online clothing for an avatar, but to leave the content locked in a game or app. It is as if you bought a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey and could only wear it on your own, compared to the company. Users will create their own avatar but can be used between different mail sites.

NFTs will not be left out, ensuring that producers create unique items that can be sold to other users. And many items can have online or real versions that users can choose from.

In the case of developers, online applications are made that help users, such as estimates to teach them to play the piano or create 3D versions of Instagram posts, for example. Also easy use of enhanced realities, such as toys and ornaments for photos or videos, are increasingly used by users and will be expanded in metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg also hinted at the issue of privacy and that a metaverse should be created, from day one, based on all of this. The company does not want to surprise anyone, to be as open as possible. Provide parental controls and other best practice tools and incorporate them into real-world applications.

And what is the fate of the material? Here are some new merging products on the metaverse

Next year, Project Cambria will be released, in line with the Oculus Quest. It is a peripheral component that allows you to capture all the sensations and facial expressions of people, such as sunglasses, beards, but also skin colors and translate them into relevant digital avatars in the metaverse. The sidebar will also allow you to write or take notes in real time, without removing your glasses. Basically the peripheral part will serve as a bridge between the elements from reality to the internet.

It also works in real life through visual contact. Your first Rayban sunglasses allow you to access the phone or view messages. But the company is working on a model to create the reality of augmented reality in real glasses, by Project Nazare.

One idea about avatars is the creation of real “alter egos” where people can change physical features, which they may or may not want to do in real life, be it a vaccine or even a bald man with hair in their online version. . Another interesting feature is the interaction with objects in reality captured on the Internet, with a great estimate of realism. This could be the next step in capturing items to replace items created in CGI.

Artificial intelligence will also be part of this equation, classifying actions and helping to find and integrate real and online objects. As you sit on your sofa and glasses and watch television, the system realizes that you want to turn on the appliances. In the same way glasses can help, through sound inputs, find objects in the house, for example.

For the event, Mark Zuckerberg ended the event by announcing his next Facebook post. Today they seem to be the social network and metaverse is the next channel. “Facebook was born at a specific time, the Internet”, thus setting the tone for creating a new identity. Metaverse is offered as an opportunity to change this concept, to put people at the center of its technology, and not in the middle of programming as it has been so far. “I’ve been thinking a lot about the next step of our identity. And the names we have now do not include everything we do. [Facebook] that prevents us from reflecting on everything we do “, said the Facebook boss, or rather Meta.

Goodbye Facebook. meta information

Facebook happens to be so called Meta. The Greek word means “back”, representing your position of what the company is building. Earlier in the week, Facebook, or rather Meta, released its financial results stating that it would be the last time it would take its current name. Mark Zuckerberg also stressed that, starting in the fourth quarter, he will use a new account submission structure, divided into two parts: Family Apps including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and other services. And Facebook Fact Lab, which includes everything related to user and augmented email realities, as well as hardware, software and content, in other words, its new changes.

To dispel doubts, Facebook, a social network as we know it today, retains the same name. Facebook, the parent company of the entire ecosystem, changed its name to Meta.

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