Fame came with money? Mason’s glove still lives in the same house

After the explosion and withdrawal from social media, fans began to speculate about Iran’s Ferreira rebellion, Luva de Pedreiro. In addition to questioning the relationship of Allan Jesus, the influential manager with the young man, fans are also wondering why Iran continues to live in one simple house within Bahia or even why the house has never been renovated. its success.

In a report published in Esporte Espetacular, on TV Globo, the young man showed little reality. Working since he was 7 years old, Iran assisted in home care while his father went to work on a farm. Weeding the farm, caring for the animals, and maintaining a simple family home were the lifeblood that Luva de Pedreiro learned to live.

However, with the explosion on social media, Iran Ferreira gained the popularity that everyone dreams of, signed advertising contracts with major brands like Amazon and was present at major events, such as the final of the European Champions League (Champions League) in Paris. , in France. However, something has not changed: the place where the boy is recording his videos. In the same dirt field and in one simple house, Iran continues to record its contents.

recent case

During a live broadcast on social media, this Sunday (19/6), he was outraged by the charges against him. Luva de Pedreiro even responded to some of his supporters who suggested that he be replaced immediately.

“I stand for my followers. What my followers are telling me there… Are you connected? I don’t drink, darling. I am sane. Did you turn it on? But I want to highlight this ignorance. I’m already sick ”, he commented happily.

“Your hug there. These days I don’t post videos, no. I’ll stay there for a while… Are you connected? No video publishing. I’m going to cool my head, man! They make the person angry. Follow this f *** alone. God and my fans, bro. f *** yourself. Some are different ”, added the lobbyist.

After Luva’s speech, supporters began to question him as to whether he was OK, coming to the conclusion that the young man was not satisfied with his advisory team and businessman. Iran did not respond to rumors.

The LeoDias column called Allan Jesus several times this Monday (20/6) and tried again this Tuesday morning (21/6), but it was not answered. Messages on WhatsApp were also not answered by him. The space remains open for future performances.

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