Fluminense paints with Santa Fe and the South American landscape becomes more complex

Fluminense returns from Argentina in a very difficult situation in a dispute over the top 16 spot in the Copa Sudamericana. Tricolor came from a goalless draw with Unión Santa Fe, tonight (19), and relies on a combination of results moving forward.

As a result, Union Santa Fe reached nine points, one behind leader Junior Barranquilla. The Laranjeiras team went to eight, with Oriente Petrolero still not scoring.

In this case, the Flu go into the final round needing to sift Petrolero, away, with the hope of a draw in another crucial game and beat Barranquilla by a goal difference – currently, Colombians have six and one Brazilian.

Fernando Diniz’s men will return to action on Sunday (22), against Fortaleza, Arena Castelão, for the Brazilian Championship.

Who did well – David Braz

The defender had a good defensive ability and sometimes due to the team’s difficulty moving forward, he also helped to get the ball out.

Who was wrong – Luiz Henrique

The young player was very diligent in Fluminense’s attempts to reach the attack, but he did not have a good night. The striker missed absurd moves and could not continue in some games

Fluminense performance

Fluminense came into the match with a 4-4-2 formation, with Wellington at the front of the defense, André and Nathan leveling with Ganso at the top. After pressure from União Santa Fe, Tricolor was able to have the ball and exchange passes, but had difficulty finding space to create more open chances.

During the break, the Laranjeiras team tried to publish a consistent and vertical game, but still stood by the strong mark that Santa Fe had. Diniz tried to change the team’s image, taking Ganso and Nathan to the gate of Arias and Willian Bigode. At the same time that there was a huge amount in the attack, the team had a little more space.

Later, the coach still made new changes wanting to be more offensive, but the team failed to create and could not be effective. And he came under pressure.

Performance of Union Santa Fe

Unión Santa Fe tried to put pressure on the first few minutes, marking the ball outside Fluminense. However, the strategy did not take long and the team soon connected the marking lines to explore the exit routes, especially examining the back of the right side of the three-color defense.

In the second leg replay, Santa Fe saw Fluminense try to change his position, and he clicked the mark. Gradually, with the defense well placed and Tricolor going into attack, it began to look for a chance.


With the support of the crowd, Unión Santa Fe started the game going up and kicking the ball out of Fluminense, who, in turn, found it difficult to move forward.

fabio saves

Still in the first minutes, the Argentines created a good first chance. Roldán found Álvez in the Fluminense area and Fábio was able to block the presentation.

Owning a ball but no space

Coach Fernando Diniz’s squad even managed to own and rotate the ball, but there were not enough chances in the opponents’ defense. Attacks from the right side were the most influential.

warm game

Fluminense circled around the opponent’s area, but with Cano well-represented, chances were not emerging as it had been thought. Unión, for its part, prepared itself for the attack and investigated, in particular, on the left side of the attack.


In the final minutes, Tricolor fans performed “uuhhh”. Nathan received it, cut it in half and fired from outside the area, intimidating goalkeeper Mele.

They changed

On their way back to the final, Fluminense tried to be more upright and reached the attack faster, but still got into the Santa Fe strong mark – not in vain, the Argentine team recently won three yellow cards.

Fábio defends

Gradually, Santa Fe began to have more influence on the attacking field, and Fábio had to work. After a corner kick, the defender cut, but Diale hit the return ball and sent a shot into the net and blocked the tricolor goalkeeper.

Diniz is trying to change

Demanding the victory, coach Fernando Diniz tried to “open” the team and put Arias and Willian Bigode in place of Ganso and Nathan, respectively. In this new structure, there was also a change in the middle layer, which had a little more space.

It was close

By not being able to reach the area regularly, another good opportunity came from a central shot. Arias ruled well and made Luiz Henrique cry. The boy dominated, adjusted and hit, and the ball passed around Mele’s left post.

Everything or anything

Diniz went for nothing or no at the last minute, and sought out more anger by removing him from Pineida’s side and putting him ahead of Caio Paulista. At the same time, Unión Santa Fe insisted and even took action in an area that made the three colors catch their breath.

It lost

In the final minutes, after exchanging passes, Luna Diale got a great chance to receive without scoring, moving forward and hitting, but she threw the ball out.


Competition: Copa Sudamericanna – Fifth Round of Group H
Who: 15 de Abril Stadium, in Santa Fe (ARG)
Day: May 19, Thursday
Schedule: 19:15 (Brasilia time)
Judge: Andres Cunha (URU)
assistants: Carlos Barreiro (URU) and Horacio Ferreiro (URU).
yellow cards: Calderón, Esquivel, Alvez, Vera (CAU); Pineida, Willian Bigode (FLU)

UNION THANK YOU FE: Honey; Brítez, Calderón, Polenta (Vera) and Esquivel; Peralta Bauer (Machuca), Portillo and Roldán (Roldán); Zenon, Luna Diale and Jonathan Álvez. Technician: Gustavo Munua

FLUMINENSE: Fabio; Yago Felipe (Nonato), Nino, David Braz and Pineida (Caio Paulista); Wellington (Marlon), André, Nathan (Willian Mustache) and Goose (Arias); Luiz Henrique and Cano. Technician: Fernando Diniz

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