Fluminense time shows improvement in ” Diniz style ” – 06/19/2022

Tricolor carioca returned to Brasileirão’s G-6 with a victory over Avaí, Sunday night, in Maracanã. The campaign is not brilliant, it needs more energy, but the team’s performance is above the results, and this reinforces the feelings of those who have been following the team more closely. The much-discussed ” Diniz style ” has been gaining more and more competition.

The Tricolor coach has gone through different times in recent seasons. He made good and bad campaigns in Brasileirão, but always had the idea of ​​owning the ball to dominate opponents. There was a lack of self-defense, transparency in finishing, and prudent reading to reduce risk in certain situations, problems that have rarely been considered.

Fernando Diniz did not rely on Cris Silva. Caio Paulista was upgraded to the left. Nonato won Wellington’s place in the midfield and Arias returned to the team. Eduardo Barroca had his midfield back. Douglas missed a goal and Vladimir followed on the team.

How Fluminense and Avaí started the legitimate game for the 13th round of Brasileirão 2022

Photo: Rodrigo Coutinho

Fluminense had a 20-minute magic opening. Put with the ball on the foot. He approached the players in the peloton industry, exchanged passes, moved easily, and made a steady pace on the field. In this way he made five good attacks. In one of them, Nonato discovered Arias behind the midfield and the Colombian left Cano in front of the gate. The Argentine scored 22 goals in 39 games this season.

In addition to the position and the ball at his feet, there was a tendency to respond quickly when losing the ball and to prevent any offensive action by Avaí. The Santa Catarina team, like several others facing teams coached by Fernando Diniz, was frustrated to score. He was poor on the playground, and he opened up a gap between the defensive line and the midfield when he tried to compensate for this situation. It always seemed too late.

Tricolor pressure decreased in the second half of period 1 and the game became more balanced. Well-organized in his attacking line-up, Leão da Ilha circled the ball in the middle of the opponent, and came off dangerous in two opposing attacks. Bissoli finished strong in both. Fábio saved well. Local power outages at 34 ‘. Luiz Henrique received from Ganso in depth and was about to expand.

Arias was able to read well the space on the backs of Avaian’s limbs. Samuel Xavier and Caio Paulista were fierce from all sides. Ganso, André and Nonato approached and controlled the actions in the middle all the time. Luiz Henrique and Cano made a noise in the final third of the pitch, and the defenders were bold and accurate in getting out of the ball.

02 - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Fluminense player Germán Cano celebrates his goal against Avaí in Brasileirão

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Avaí continued to grow in the 2nd round. Raniele made good progress in a goal that was well disallowed by Bissoli and also kicked a dangerous kick from the edge of the box. Jean Cleber strengthened the midfield, but the team opened up, not too strong in the attack, and Fluminense, far behind, took the opportunity to kill the game in the attacking attack.

Samuel Xavier scored with Luiz Henrique in the 22nd minute and hit the crossbar for the second time in the game. Matheus Martins, who had joined the Cano position, was more accurate. It won against Arthur Chaves and Bressan and hit the goalkeeper’s goal six minutes later.

The guests appreciated Fluminense’s victory until the last minute. to fight. They were able to gain great military control at the beginning, but that was not enough to win points. There was still time for Willian Bigode and Caio Paulista to close the scoring in the third, and Samuel Xavier hit the goal line for the third time in the final minutes.

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