Fluminense v. Cruzeiro: The remainder of ticket sales for the two fans

photo: Staff Images / Cruise

Cruzeiro fans promise another big party in Maracan

Cruzeiro fans promise to fill the much-anticipated industry in Maracan, Rio de Janeiro, with a battle against Fluminense. About 2,400 people from Cruzeiro have already received tickets to support the team in other offshore wars. The teams will face off this Thursday (23), at 19h, in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil Stage 16.

The carioca club started selling tickets online last Tuesday (the 14th). In total, approximately 30,000 tickets have already been sold (27,600 for three colors and 2,400 for travelers).

O supersports found that, this Tuesday afternoon (21), there were still 2,200 tickets for heavenly fans. The total number of people from Cruzeiro in the Northern Maracan Sector – a place for visiting fans – will be 4,600 fans.

Cruzeiro fan tickets are priced at R $ 60 (full) and R $ 30 (half).

‘Invaso’ against Vasco

Pictures of Cruzeiro fans as a Maracan in a game against Vasco

The match between Cruzeiro and Vasco broke the record of attending the Second Division this season, with 63,609 fans attending the famous Rio stadium. The people who paid were 58,659. Revenue was BRL 2,284,230.50.

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