Fortaleza x America: see possible rows of Brazilian game

photo: Joo Zebral / America

Mancini can have significant benefits in America

America and Fortaleza are not key to the match on Sunday (19), at 18h. The teams will face off at Castelo Stadium, Fortaleza-CE, in a match that will take place in the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Coelho is in 13th place, with 15 points, while Leão do Pici are in last place at the table, with only seven points. See, below, for possible team lists.


Argentina coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda has been ruled out five times against the United States. Defender Tinga, winger Depietri, midfielder Matheus Vargas and striker Romarinho continue to recover from injuries.

Suspended, forward Robson is also out of the game. A potential replacement is experienced striker Silvio Romero. The 33-year-old Argentine has 10 goals in 33 games this season.

Fortaleza, on the other hand, has the return of one of its key players: Yago Pikachu. The midfielder is returning after serving a 3-2 defeat to Ava, in Ressacada, in the final round.

Pikachu has 14 goals and eight assists this season. He is a key part of the Ceará team plan.

In this way, Fortaleza should enter the field with the following column: Marcelo Boeck; Landzuri, Benevenuto and Titi; Juninho Capixaba, Z Welison, Hercules, Yago Pikachu and Lucas Lima; Moses and Silvio Romero.

United States

The main doubt in the American squad is in the midfield.

Starting with young Rodriguinho and Gustavinho. The first one has more similar characteristics to Al, while the second is faster and more vertical.

Another option is the entry of a third defender – in this case, Luan Patrick or Danilo Avelar – and a change in tactics. Finally, the coach may also choose to bring Alosio back to midfield and add another striker.

In this case, Wellington Paulista and Pedrinho would have preferred to start the fight.

More questions about Coelho

In the attack, Everaldo felt pain in his right ankle, was released during the break in a 0-0 draw with Fluminense and doubted the bout. If he cannot take action, the natural alternative is Pedrinho.

absence and return

Coelho has missed twice in that match. Goalkeeper Matheus Cavichioli continues to recover from a hamstring injury to his left thigh, and defender Iago Maidana from a hamstring injury.

Midfielder Matheusinho and forward Paulinho Boia could be in a relationship for the first time after recovering from injuries. The new thing is the presence of Indian midfielder Ramrez among those listed.

The Colombian national posted on social media that he traveled with a US delegation to Fortaleza. However, even if they are related, none of these three players should start the game.

The American column must contain: Jela; Ral Cceres (Patric), Conti, der and Marlon; Lucas Kal, Juninho and Gustavinho (Rodriguinho, Luan Patrick, Wellington Paulista); Everaldo (Pedrinho), Felipe Azevedo and Alosio.

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