Currency adds a new security upgrade in the wake of SIM swap attacks Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

The team behind decentralized social media platform has added a new security feature amid attempts to stop a torrent of SIM swap attacks targeting its users.

“You can now add a 2FA password to your account for extra protection if your carrier or email service is compromised,” the team to explain In an October 9 post on X (formerly Twitter). users will be asked to add another password when logging in to new devices.

“Neither the friendstech nor Privy team can reset these passwords, so please be careful when using this feature,” added.

The latest change comes on the heels of several SIM swap attacks targeting users since September.

On September 30, froggie.eth was among the first in a series of users to be compromised by a SIM swapping attack, urging others to remain vigilant.

More users came forward with similar stories in the following days with an estimated 109 Ethereum (ETH), worth about $172,000, stolen from four users within a week. Four more users were targeted within a 24-hour period just days later, with another $385,000 worth of ether stolen. has already updated its security once on October 4 to allow users to add or remove different login methods in an effort to mitigate the risks of SIM swap exploits.

Many observers criticized for not implementing the solution sooner.

“Finally” one user He said while another He said“It took you enough time.”

However, one of the prominent creators on, 0xCaptainLevi, was more optimistic, stressing that two-factor authentication is a “big deal” and could help push the social media platform to unseen heights:

On October 8, Blockworks founder Jason Yanowitz revealed one of the ways SIM swap attacks are organized. The process includes a text message asking the user to request a number change, to which users can respond with “yes” to agree to the change or “no” to reject it.

If the user answers “No” – the user will be sent a real verification code from and asked to send the code to the scammer’s number.

A follow-up message appears: “If we do not hear back within 2 hours, the change will be implemented as requested.”

“Actually, if I send the code, my account will be erased,” he said.

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The total value locked on currently stands at $43.9 million, down 15.5% from its all-time high of $52 million on October 2. According to To Devilama.

Change in total value is locked on since August 10. Source: DefiLlama.

Cointelegraph reached out to for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

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Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

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