FTX account drain has moved 60,000 ETH since late September Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

In a new wave of money transfers, the notorious FTX account drain has caused major disruption in the cryptocurrency community by transferring a total of 60,000 ETH from 4 wallet addresses since late September.

According to reports, wallets that just a few days ago contained approximately 200,000 ETH now have a balance of only 125,000 ETH.

FTX Drainer Money Transfer

Earlier today, Certik Alert, a blockchain investigator, highlighted that an FTX drain wallet had transferred 7,500 ETH (equivalent to $12.3 million) to EOA 0x395d9. However, this is just one of many transactions involving FTX drying up since late September.

PeckShieldAlert contains He follows Transactions since September 30 and reported several movements around the FTX drying up. The on-chain investigator stated that the exploiter transferred 5,625 Ethereum “and delivered it via Bitcoin via Thorchain.”

Reports indicate that the bank transferred a whopping 15,000 ETH, roughly $24.75 million, and exchanged it for Bitcoin through THORChain, a decentralized liquidity protocol.

Lookonchain is also tracking the latest wave of money movement linked to the draining of FTX accounts. On September 30, the drain began with a series of transactions, transferring 5,000 Ethereum worth about $8.37 million in just 3 hours. At the time of Lookonchain’s tweet, the bank had 180.7k ETH held in about 13 addresses as of September 30.

Later, on October 1, Lookonchain reported more activity, transferring another 7,500 ETH. He had drying governors he moved 22.5K ETH worth $38M in 2 days as of October 1st.

However, the latest reports indicate that the exploited wallet has transferred a cumulative sum of 60,000 ETH since September 30 across four different addresses, and now holds a staggering 125,735 ETH across nine addresses.

FTX theft

One of these wallets, 0x59ABf, is labeled as an FTX account drainer mentioned Originally by ZackXBT, another trusted blockchain investigator, in late 2022. Etherscan data points to this title seem Activity for about 327 days, with initial movement of 9,500 ETH. This was during the largest FTX heist, where attackers stole hundreds of millions of ETH starting on November 11, 2022.

FTX’s current CEO, John J. Ray III, FTX’s restructuring officer, later stated that FTX’s global and US networks suffered major hacks, losing $323 million and $90 million, respectively.

The perpetrators, who were never identified, were carrying large amounts of Ethereum. There have been inside jokes that the SBF is behind the attacks, and some have suggested that the latest moves are aimed at raising money to pay the legal expenses of his ongoing case.

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