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Google has announced its commitment to protecting users of generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems within the Google Cloud and Workspace platforms in cases where they face allegations of intellectual property infringement. The move aligns Google with other companies, such as Microsoft, Adobe and others, which have also made similar guarantees.

In a recent blog mailGoogle explained that customers who use products integrated with generative AI capabilities will receive legal protection. This announcement addresses growing concerns about potential copyright issues associated with generative artificial intelligence.

Google has clearly defined seven products that fall under this legal protection. The products are Duet AI in Workspace, which includes text generation in Google Docs and Gmail, as well as image generation in Google Slides and Google Meet; Duet AI in Google Cloud; Vertex AI Research; Vertex AI Conversation; Vertex AI Text Embedding API; Visual captions on Vertex AI; and Codey APIs. It is worth noting that this list did not include Google’s Bard search tool.

According to Google:

“If you are challenged on copyright grounds, we will bear responsibility for the potential legal risks involved.”

Google has unveiled a distinctive approach to intellectual property compensation, which has been described as a pioneering two-pronged strategy. Under this initiative, Google extends its protection to include training data and results generated by its underlying models.

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This means that if legal action is taken against someone for using Google training data that includes copyrighted material, Google will be responsible for addressing that legal challenge.

The company explained that compensation related to training data is not a new form of protection. However, Google acknowledged that its customers have expressed a desire for clear and explicit assurance that this protection extends to scenarios where the training data includes copyrighted material.

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Google will also protect users if they face legal action due to the results they get while using its basic forms. This includes scenarios where users create content that resembles published works. The company stressed that this protection is conditional on users not creating or intentionally using content to violate the rights of others.

Other companies issued similar statements. Microsoft Announce Its commitment to being legally responsible for enterprise users of its Copilot products. On the other hand, Adobe Confirm Dedicated to protecting enterprise customers from copyright, privacy and publicity rights claims when using Firefly.

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