Google TV: How to use apps on Android and iOS

After a long wait, Google TV was finally available for Android and iOS operating systems, and can be used by users directly on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

The novel arrives in Brazil to replace the old one Google Play Movies, the company’s streaming service focused on buying or renting audio and visual versions. The difference is that the new platform also includes advanced content features, as well as an improved interface.

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If you would like to have Google TV with you, wait for everything we will address in the following text.

How to install Google TV on Android?

When you access the Google Play Store on your device, use the search bar to type “Google TV”. You can also search for an app using a banned name, in this case Google Play Movies. When you open it, touch Update or Install, because if your software update settings are automatic, you can have them on your device.

After a few seconds, depending on your internet connection, you will be able to run Google TV. You may need to sign in to your Google Account to activate it, but it will also be able to use your Google Play Movies data to follow. On the home page, there will be suggestions for new versions and versions sorted by type.

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As the user accesses the streams, more customized settings will be created, indicating that you will be able to recommend movies and series based on your personal preferences. When browsing the app, find the main products to buy or rent, as well as your original shopping library.

You will also be able to create a list of things that interest you, as well as movies and a series of future purchase or rental, as well as public releases that have not yet been released, and still communicate via a channel of useful tips on the platform.

How to configure Google TV on iOS?

The process of installing and configuring Google TV on devices with the iOS operating system is similar to the systems used by Android. In this way, it is important to open the App Store on iPhone or iPad and search for Google TV (or also Google Play Movies). When the app appears, just touch Find or Open if it is already installed and just needs an update.

As you run, provide details of your Google account login and review the options that appear in the future, including library suggestions, movies and series separated by new genres and versions, as well as lists of interests and contacts to receive interesting production tips. according to your taste.

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What to watch on Google TV?

Generally, through the app, users will be able to purchase or rent for a few days all movies and series that are not available on standard streaming systems and are distributed in this format.

It should also be noted that within Google TV, it is possible to merge your subscriptions from other services and view all versions you want from one location. Another new feature is the possibility to view content free of charge via the “Other Views” tab.

And with the help of a Chromecastfor example, the simulcast button can be used in the app to reflect the content directly on the television, transforming your smart phone into a form of remote control.

On Google TV, through a pre-registered payment method, financial transactions will be much easier. So, to rent or buy a film or series, just touch the production poster and complete your order. Due to this, the app also allows content to be used offline with the download option on the device.

In addition to being available on Android and iOS, Google TV is the default interface for new TCL TVs in Brazil and can also be used on compatible streaming devices such as Realme TV Stick and Chromecast.

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