Grêmio paints with Criciúma, stays outside the G4 and hears noises from the crowd

Grêmio remains outside the G4 of Brazil B series. Today (19), a team from Rio Grande do Sul drew 0-0 with Criciúma, in Porto Alegre, for the eighth round and heard screams from the crowd at the Arena. Those results and results created a bad situation for Roger Machado’s team, which Elkeson established for the first time, but it was not close to victory. The Grêmio procession took place during the break and after the final whistle.

Tricolor amassed three wins without a win in the second, Cruzeiro’s defeat and a draw against Ituano and now Criciúma. The gaucho team came from the top of the table for the second consecutive round and is in sixth place, with 12 points, two more than Tigre.

Grêmio returns to the field against Glória-RS, for Recopa Gaúcha, on Tuesday (24). For Série B, the next game is against Vila Nova, Goiânia, on the 29th. Criciúma will take on Cruzeiro, at Heriberto Hulse, on Friday (27th).

Who did well: Geromel

The defender led the Grêmio defense and was rescued even when the home team was disrupted. I need tackles and expectations. In a short time in the final stage, he stepped forward to try and help repair the joints.

Who was worse: Diego Souza

Top Serie B top scorer, the striker got at least one straight chance to finish and try to score. It did not work.

Gustavo defends and captures

Criciúma’s goalkeeper made the necessary intervention, in rare instances when Grêmio approached the goal, but also collapsed during the match. Gustavo even received a yellow card for delaying replacing the ball.

Screaming and cursing at recess

Grêmio fans went to Arena do Grêmio, but with a little patience. During the break, with the results closed, spectators chanted Roger Machado’s team. At one point, some in attendance shouted at Romildo Bolzan the Younger, president of Grêmio.

Gremio has a different structure. the shape is the same

The attack by Elkeson and Diego Souza left Grêmio more technically, but also a little slower. A midfield with four players in a row defended the ball, but far from being dominant or the basis for playing close to victory in the first half. The team got two places in the initial stage, but sometimes it was far – even physically – from the Criciúma area. The effects of three different formation in three games

Criciúma in millimeters and then in meters

The first dangerous point in the game was Criciúma, who did not open the scoring just because Hygor arrived late. By a centimeter, or less, a team from Santa Catarina failed to make it 1-0 in a built-up and left-handed position. But the attitude changed, even in the first half. And the team was getting a meter away from the attack.


Serie B – eighth round
Date and time: May 19, 2022 (Thursday), 19:00 (Brasília hours)
Who: Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre (RS)
Public: 10,824 people (9,798 pay)
Revenue: BRL 354,112.00
Judge: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
Assistants: Bruno Boschilia (PR) and Rafael Trombeta (PR)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
Yellow cards: Lucas Silva (GRE); Hygor, Gustavo (CRI)

GUILD: Brenno; Rodrigues (Mateus Sarará), Geromel, Bruno Alves and Nicolas; Villasanti (Fernando Henrique); Lucas Silva (Campaz), Gabriel Teixeira (Gabriel Silva) and Bitello; Elkeson (Elias Manoel) Diego Souza. Technician: Roger Machado

CRICIUM: Gustavo; Claudinho, Rodrigo, Rayan and Marcelo Hermes; Léo Costa, Arilson and Felipe Matheus (Caio Dantas); Thiago Alagoano (Renan Bressan), Rafael Bilu (Eduardo Melo) and Hygor (Rômulo). Technician: Claudio Tencati

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