Guta Stresser talks about the symptoms after the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Known for playing Bebel, in “A Grande Família”, actress Guta Stresser, 49, says that receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis made her “lose ground”. “I didn’t even know what it was, it just affected the brain, and that alone scared me,” he said in an interview with Veja newspaper.

According to him, the disease began with cases of memory loss in 2020 when he participated in the Dança dos Famosos, in the Faustão program. “It all seemed normal until, during practice, I went through a choreography and when I finished, I didn’t remember anything, nothing.”

Credit: Playback / InstagramGuta Stresser indicates the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

The picture got worse and worse until he started forgetting words like glasses and a chair. “If I just sat there for two hours watching a movie on TV, I would immediately feel pain in my muscles. I had frequent rashes on my legs and arms, severe migraine and mood swings ”, he recalls.

Worse, he said, was a constant ringing in his ear. “It felt like there was an open wire there, lowering my head.”

A warning bell rang as he collapsed in the living room. I decided to consult an otolaryngologist, thinking that the problem could be alleviated in terms of balance. At first he said everything was fine, but I insisted on having an MRI. After the test, I was finally diagnosed: multiple sclerosis ”, he says.

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Credit: Playback / Instagram Symptoms began in 2020, when he participated in “Dança dos Famosos”, on Globo.

Guta will be able to control conflicts with expensive drugs, which are provided by SUS. It also maintains good order, as well as physical and mental exercises such as word pictures. More recently, it also included cannabidiol (CBD) oil, a substance derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, known as cannabis, in medicine.

What is multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can paralyze the brain, in which the immune system attacks the immune sheath (myelin) that covers the neurons and causes communication problems between the brain and the whole body. Eventually, the disease can cause permanent damage or deterioration of the nerves.

The signs and symptoms of most sclerosis vary widely and depend on the degree of nerve damage and the extent to which the nerves are affected.

Numbness or weakness in one or more joints are some of the symptoms. Trembling, lack of coordination or rapid walking may also be seen.

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis. However, treatment can help speed recovery from attacks, correct the course of the disease and control symptoms.

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