Hamburgeria has NFT and payments using cryptocurrency

When it comes to NFT, one of the most popular digital and $ 1 million digital art collections is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), with its iconic monkey models. Celebrities like Neymar and Justin Bieber have already spent more than $ 1 million on the drawings.

The effect among tech lovers is that California businessman Andy Nguyen decided to browse the wave – investing another $ 1.5 million. He opened a theme hamburger store a month ago with pictures and snacks led by BAYC.

According to him, more than 1,500 people who attended the opening of the Tired of Hunger (Hunger, in direct translation) discovered a burger mix that combines real life with digital art, reports a report from the Insider website.

Payment for chips and cryptocurrency

2 - For the NFT art theme, Hamburgueria receives payment in secret and displays images from the Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection - Reproduction / @JustBorednHungry - Reproduction / @JustBorednHungry
Photo: Play / @JustBorednHungry

The difference from the “technological” to the traditional hamburger is that the restaurant accepts payments using hidden coins.

Customers can pay with Apecoin, a coin created by the owners of Ape Bored, or using Ethereum. Credit cards are also accepted, but money is not acceptable.

In order to commercially exploit the structures of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Nguyen acquired assets:

  • approximately US $ 267,000 (R $ 1.37 million currently) to acquire 6,184 monkey rights in the collection.
  • between US $ 65,000 and US $ 75,000 (R $ 333,000 and R $ 384,000, respectively) in further drawings from the Apes Mutant collection, derived from BAYC.

how about a restaurant

3 - For the NFT art theme, Hamburgueria receives payments in cryptocurrency and displays images from the Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection - Reproduction / @JustBorednHungry - Reproduction / @JustBorednHungry

The combo comes with hamburgers, fries and drinks

Photo: Play / @JustBorednHungry

Tired (and altered) monkeys are everywhere in the store: on the window, on the walls, on the floor and on the food packaging. All of this makes NFT works of art, which were created digitally, more visible.

Previously, Nguyen’s idea was to become a temporary and closed restaurant after 90 days.

However, he has already received offers to open more areas and is considering turning Bored and Hungry into a business, the report says.

Is the food good?

Despite the lovely decoration and humorous packaging, the restaurant menu is very simple: there are two types of snacks, which can be transformed into a mixture of fries and sodas.

to the author Britanny Chang, who visited the place, the use of BAYC designs is a major attraction for the restaurant and hamburgers are not disappointed. “My standards are high, but I was surprised by my order. Looking back, I shouldn’t, as snacks have already been tried and approved by the public.”

The served snacks are co-produced with other brands: Trill Burgers, for beef burgers, and Beleaf Burgers, for vegan sandwiches.

The owner of Bored and Hungry was also concerned about serving quality products. “I’m from the cafeteria industry, so I had to make sure we offered a good burger,” Nguyen said.

How much?

The cheapest hamburger costs $ 13.00 and US $ 15.00 in the mixed version. Vegan snacks are more expensive, starting at US $ 15.50 per hamburger alone or $ 17.50 per combo.

For comparison, you can buy Big Mac in California for US $ 5.11 and mix for US $ 7.67, plus fries and sodas.

“The price is much higher than fast food chains like McDonald’s, but you pay for a good bag, a good fry, and the ‘honor’ of eating out of the Ape Bored package,” says Chang.

Is NFT the future of restaurants?

After the experience, the author does not believe that NFTs will become very popular in the world of restaurants. However, it is a strategy to consider focusing on the way to bring email graphics to the real world.

“Many like to say that [NFTs] it’s just JPEG [extensão de arquivo de imagem]. Actually, I took this JPEG I own and created my own brand and business on it. It has been more than just a picture on my profile, “Nguyen concludes.

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