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Health plans claim costly ‘explosion’ in 2021 and predict 16% adjustment this year

The National Health Agency (ANS) and staff expect an adjustment of approximately 16% in this year’s health plans. The prediction was made at a public meeting of the Commission on the Rights of the Elderly of the Senate. The reason presented is that the industry had a negative adjustment of minus 8% in 2021, and compensation would be needed this year.

The Executive Director of the Brazilian Health Planning Association, Marcos Novais, states that the Covid-19 epidemic caused a reduction in costs by 2020, but the cost increased again in 2021. “This is a catastrophic cycle. This catastrophe caused distortions in our costs. at one point it collapses and, at another time, which is last year, it explodes “, he said.

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Sandro Leal Alves, director of specialty studies and special projects at the National Federation of Extraordinary Health, added that the decline in activity was due to people’s fear of seeking health care in the worst of times. Therefore, according to him, there was a decrease in demand, especially for consultations and examinations, but the search for these services grew again at the same rate and started normally. “It’s the so-called backlash effect: you kept all the requirements that were suppressed, and when people go back to their normal activities, it’s normal for this effect to occur,” he added.

For the president of the Commission on the Rights of the Elderly, Denis Bezerra (PSB-CE), reforms in health programs will further punish the elderly, especially because Brazil is already experiencing a crisis, and inflation and general prices. increases.

Adjustments to health plans are provided annually to help maintain the financial balance of the industry.


For Gerson Sanford Vieira Lima, from the OAB Consumer Protection Commission and a representative of additional health users in the Ceará State Health Committee, the amendment has not been approved. He claims that, despite rising costs, operators’ revenues have a long history of growth.

“There is no sustainable argument to say that health care providers, as a rule, are going through a difficult time in economic and financial equality. Instead, they are in a very good position.

Representative of the Department of Justice and Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Justice, Frederico Moesch also recalled that Brazilian consumers also suffered in this catastrophe, with job losses or income cuts. “And yet, based on industry data, data provided by the National Agency for Extraordinary Health, we did not identify significant crime changes, in the target population. There was even an increase in the target population,” he reasoned.


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