Here are 20 reasons to be ‘big bullish’ on Ripple (XRP): Crypt Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

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  • Crypto Assets Guy highlights the legal clarity of XRP in the US, its advantages over BTC and ETH, and partnerships like HSBC.
  • Ripple’s potential victory in lawsuits and global disputes could favor cryptocurrencies over stocks.
  • Despite some optimistic community claims, the price of XRP is expected to reach a new high above $3.70 by late 2023-2024.

This is why XRP is likely to head north

Popular X user (Twitter) Crypto Assets Guy He said They are “extremely bullish” on Ripple’s native token due to 20 important factors. Some of the main reasons include the legal clarity of XRP in the US, the court’s decision not to classify the asset as a security, and the assumption that the currency is “faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than BTC and ETH.”

The analyst also noted XRP’s successful involvement in cross-border settlements, non-piracy history, unique use cases, Ripple’s “amazing team”, growing interest in Whale, new banking partnerships, and more. Speaking of cooperation with financial institutions, it is worth noting that the leading British bank HSBC recently allowed eligible customers to pay mortgage bills and loans in XRP instead of fiat currencies.

Crypto Assets Guy claimed that several pending developments could lead to a rise in the price of XRP. One example is the resolution of the lawsuit between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. A potentially decisive victory for the cryptocurrency company in the trial (scheduled for April 23, 2024) could also benefit the entire digital assets sector.

Last but not least, the analyst touched on the many global conflicts that have shocked the world in the past few years (the most recent of which is the clash between the Palestinian Hamas movement and Israel). In their view, this bloodshed may shift people’s focus from stocks to cryptocurrencies.

The “Children of the Moon” need to understand this

On the other hand, Crypto Assets Guy offered his two cents on the potential rise of XRP towards unseen levels like $10, $50 or even $500. According to them, the “moon boys” who envision such astonishing numbers need to understand that the new all-time high will not reach this height anytime soon. Instead, a peak above $3.70 in late 2023-2024 appears more likely. I finish:

“I love the XRP community, but there are some people who need to understand this: XRP is not going to hit $10,000, $1,000, $50, or $10 anytime soon. It could hit all-time highs (+3.70 USD) in late 2023-2024, and we should all be more than satisfied.

Those who are curious to see how XRP will perform during the next bull market (according to ChatGPT) can take a look at our video:

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