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After the Terra’s TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin disaster that dropped from the US dollar, the price of LUNA, which is a natural Terra brand, dropped from more than $ 80 to around $ 0.023. The problems surrounding UST have brought shock to the crypto currency market and especially algorithmic currencies.

Following UST’s withdrawal, co-founder of Terraform Labs Do Kwon announced a “change plan” in a series of tweets, saying the company would seek additional external funding and “rebuild” TerraUSD for protection.

Tonight, the Terra blockchain was officially suspended at a block height of 7603700 to prevent administrative attacks following the massive LUNA token inflation and significantly reduced the cost of attacks.

To help investors and traders who want to benefit from the current collapse of Terra (LUNA) by buying it at its current low price, Invezz has created a short article to help identify the best places to buy it.

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Best Places to Buy in the World (LUNA)



Celsius orgulha-se de fornecer uma plataforma de serviços curados que foram abandonados por grandes bancos - coisas como interesse justo, taxas zero e transações rápidas. Nosso objetivo é interromper a indústria financeira, um usuário feliz de cada vez, e introduzir liberdade financeira através da criptografia.

Compre LUNA com Celsius agora


O Coingate é uma empresa de Fintech baseada em Lituânia, fundada em 2014. O gateway de pagamento oferece serviços de processamento de pagamentos de criptocurrância para empresas de quaisquer tamanhos. Gerenciamento de contas baseado em permissão, os pagamentos do Fiat para a conta bancária e o novo recurso de faturamento de e-mail são apenas algumas razões pelas quais o coingate tornou-se um processador de pagamento para muitos.

Compre LUNA com Coingate agora

What is the MOON?

LUNA is the original hidden Terra blockchain coin.

Terra blockchain uses stablecoins-pegged to run a stable global payment system. In short, Terra enhances the stability of Fiat currencies and the derivative nature of Bitcoin (BTC) to provide quick and affordable deals using stablecoins.

In addition to its recently launched native coin of stablecoin TerraUSD (UST), a number of other currencies coin denominated in the US dollar, the winner of South Korea, the Mongolian tugrik and a special monetary basket of the International Monetary Fund. International Monetary Fund has been developed and commissioned. Terra blockchain

In addition to LUNA being used as a stabilizer for the various coins made through Terra, LUNA owners could also vote on Terra’s administrative proposals.

Should I buy LUNA coin today?

If you are looking for cash that has sunk deep in the last few days, LUNA might be a good option.

While the currency offers a good chance if it recovers, it is still unclear how much the LUNA price will go up. The currency has dropped almost 100% daily for the past four days.

Stock price forecast LUNA

There are fears that LUNA prices could drop below $ 0.01 before trying to return, which would require a lot of work from the team behind the project when they update the proposed “recovery plan”.

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