House Republicans are urging tighter export controls on advanced chips Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

On Friday, October 6, two prominent Republican members of the US House of Representatives urged the Biden administration to strengthen enforcement of export controls regarding the transfer of advanced computing chips and associated manufacturing tools to China.

in letter Addressed to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Representative Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Representative Mike Gallagher, Chairman of the House Select Committee on China, the recent technological advances made by China’s leading chip manufacturer underscore the need to review the system. Comprehensive. regulations introduced in 2022. They stress the need to address what they see as deficiencies or “loopholes” in the current rules.

Screenshot of the letter urging tighter oversight of AI chips. Source: The White House

This message comes in the wake of the unveiling of the Mate 60 Pro smartphone from Huawei Technologies, which includes advanced chipsets manufactured by the Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (SMIC). This happened despite US sanctions.

McCall and Gallagher relayed in their letter that “the rules introduced on October 7 and SMIC’s growing capabilities represent an example of an inert and opaque bureaucratic system that lacks insight into China’s industrial strategy, fails to understand China’s military objectives, and demonstrates a lack of technological understanding. In addition, it appears “They lack the resolve to take effective action.”

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The lawmakers called on the Biden administration to update regulations and immediately respond to Huawei and SMIC. They also encouraged the administration to end Chinese companies’ access to powerful AI chips that can be obtained via cloud computing services.

In addition, they stressed the importance of enforcing the administration’s current regulations that impose restrictions on Chinese companies, especially those that prevent US officials from verifying compliance with US export rules.

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