In a crazy game, Santos opens 2-0 with a Bragantino draw in Vila

Santos opened the scoring 2-0, but took the Red Bull Bragantino draw in a very busy game today (18), in Vila Belmiro, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. Léo Baptistão scored both goals for Peixe. RB gave up everything similar to Hyoran and Luan Cândido.

Santos went against Bragantino, but had defensive problems from the start. In the attack, the Fish worked and created space. In defense, however, goalkeeper João Paulo was forced to work hard. Hyoran scored in the first half and Luan scored a fine equalizer in the final. Coach Fabián Bustos was sacked by referee Douglas Marques das Flores and sacked, along with bodybuilder Marcos Conenna.

The draw leaves Santos and Red Bull Bragantino with 18 points, but Peixe is fifth and Braga is seventh with a goal difference. São Paulo is sixth and whoever wins today would enter the G-4. Teams may lose space for Sunday games.

Santos will return to action against the Corinthians on Wednesday (22), at the Neo Química Arena, in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Red Bull Bragantino has a free week before visiting Athletico on the 25th, at the Arena da Baixada, for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship.


Successful Santos: Léo Baptistão and Marcos Leonardo

Baptistão and ML were the best in Peixe. Baptistão scored both goals, the second with the help of 9 jerseys. They gave Bragantino protection all the time.

Who was the worst Santos: Lucas Pires and Jhojan Julio

The left defender backed up a bit and missed Bragantino’s goal. Already Julio was the worst of the strikers and still gave flaws in the marking.

Santos game: lack of control

Santos tried to keep itself in Vila Belmiro and climbed against Bragantino from the start, but had poor results. Peixe built up well in the attack and, when he lost the ball, he was in trouble. The right-backs of forward Lucas Braga (improved right-back) and Léo Baptistão worked, however, it was also where the visitors were created. In the second half, Santos was unable to correct the score and took a draw.

It’s BAP!

Léo Baptistão started after recovering from a thigh injury and scoring twice for the first time since joining Santos. The striker lives in 2022 quite differently from 2021, when he played only eight times, had a serious calf injury and did not score.

First game with right foot (left)

Bruno Oliveira played for the first time as the founder of Santos. The left-hander provided a fine pass to Peixe’s second goal and left a good impression.

Saved but …

João Paulo saved at least three key points in the first half. After saving Santos, he celebrated the second goal in excess. However, at the last step of the first stage, the gatekeeper quickly left the small area, saw the visitors disembark and went to the changing rooms with deep remorse. He was not to blame for Bragantino’s equalizer.


Marcos Leonardo was hunted by Red Bull defender Bragantino. In the first period alone, six fouls were received. The attacker complained to the referee over the foul rot, but only managed to “dig” the yellow card.

significant embezzlement

João Paulo and Vinicius Zanocelo received their third yellow card and will face the Corinthians in the 14th round, at the Neo Química Arena. Before, however, Santos will face the same opponent and away, for the Copa do Brasil only, on Wednesday. In the Copa do Brasil, João and Zanocelo will be available. Coach Fabian Bustos was also fired on the pitch for complaints.


Competition: Round 13 of the Brazil Tournament
Date: June 18, 2022 (Saturday)
When: 21:00 (from Brasilia)
Location: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP)
Judge: Douglas Marques das Flores (SP)
Assistants: Daniel Paulo Ziolli and Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (both from SP)
VAR: Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (MG)
Audience and revenue: 10,924 / BRL 361,888.75
Yellow cards: João Paulo, Vinicius Zanocelo, Bruno Oliveira and Ricardo Goulart (SFC) and Raul, Helinho and Praxedes (RBB)
Red card: Fabian Bustos (SFC)

Léo Baptistão (2), in the 16th and 35th minutes of 1Q
Red Bull Bragantino: Hyoran, for 45 minutes of 1Q, and Luan Cândido, for 25 minutes of 2Q

SAINTS: João Paulo, Lucas Braga, Kaiky, Eduardo Bauermann and Lucas Pires; Rodrigo Fernández, Vinicius Zanocelo (Camacho) and Bruno Oliveira (Sandry); Léo Baptistão (Ângelo), Jhojan Julio (Rwan) and Marcos Leonardo. Technician: Fabian Bustos

BRAGANTINO RED BULL: Cleiton; Aderlan, Kevin, Nathan and Luan Cândido; Raul (Eric Ramires), Lucas Evangelista and Hyoran (Praxedes); Artur (Carlos Eduardo), Helinho (Sorriso) and Jan Hurtado (Alerrandro). Technician: Mauricio Barbieri.

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