In its absence, Santos should share the classics squad with the Corinthians

Santos must have a different team between one game and another against the Corinthians. Peixe will face his opponent on Wednesday, in the top 16 of the Copa do Brasil, and on Sunday, in the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship. Both fights will be at the Neo Química stadium.

Coaching staff and the health department will still analyze case after case, but they already know that it is not possible to repeat the starting teams. After Corinthians’ weekend, Santos will travel to Deportivo Táchira in Venezuela for the top 16 of the Sudamericana.

The trend is for Santos to add more power to the Copa do Brasil with mixed teams or reserves in Brasileirão. Suspension embezzlement will end up helping coach Fabian Bustos with his choice. Goalkeeper João Paulo and midfielder Vinicius Zanocelo have been suspended for a third yellow card and are already out of action for Brasileirão.

Defender Maicon, who has a small muscle injury in his thigh, should miss Santos in the classical matches and will probably return to Sudamericana. Right-back Madson, with the most complex injury to his thigh, will be out for all of these matches and will only return between July and August.

In addition to the confirmed injuries, Santos is concerned about rescuing those who have been playing. In a 2-2 draw with Red Bull Bragantino yesterday (18), in Vila, Léo Baptistão and Bruno Oliveira were forced to leave. Ângelo, who could only take 45 minutes, entered the second period.

“We have two games now, then Venezuela … We have to manage the card. It’s not an excuse, but the change was for that. Léo Baptistão was scheduled to play 60 minutes and Bruno Oliveira could not bear it because he was not used. 45 minutes. In the second period there is a little less energy than in the first period due to physiology studies. So we chose the second period “, said Bustos, avoiding complaining about the marathon race. sports.

“Complain to the calendar? No. I wanted to come to Brazil to work and I already knew. The best we can do is compete for everything. We passed the South American Championship with the Copa do Brasil and would have received criticism if we had not won. The calendar is for everyone Maicon and Madson were injured in the game. next I don’t have João Paulo and Zanocelo and we have to change to be competitive and win I can’t complain I was comfortable, with a two-year contract [no Barcelona de Guayaquil-EQU], and I wanted to come and compete in Brazil with the best. I can’t complain. I have less time for work and more trips and games. We will manage it in the best possible way, “he added.

When asked about prioritizing one championship or another, Fabian Bustos highlighted the greatness of Santos and the need to compete in every competition. In this sequence between the Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Brasileiro and Sudamericana, however, Brasileirão should be left out.

“We’re going to compete. We know how important it is for the fans. Preach the Copa do Brasil, Brasileirão and Sudamericanna? It can’t be done in Santos or in other big clubs. as a guest in the classic.One of the Copa do Brasil, which is 180 minutes, and another 90, for the Brazilian Championship. When we arrived, where was Santos? How did Santos compete?

By Wednesday, for the Copa do Brasil, there is doubt in all sectors: Auro, suspended against Bragantino, could turn right. Without Maicon, Kaiky and Emiliano Velázquez are vying for a place in defense. In the midfield, Bustos could set up two defensive midfielders (Rodrigo Fernández and Vinicius Zanocelo) and midfielder Bruno Oliveira or three more defensive midfielders, adding Sandry or Camacho. In the attack, Léo Baptistão, Ângelo, Marcos Leonardo, Jhojan Julio and Lucas Braga are vying for a place.

In a regular game on Sunday, for the Brazilian Championship, players with less minutes should win a chance. This definition will occur in daily assessments throughout the week.

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