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Lübeck – Later The World Handball Federation has radically modified the IHF rules carried out, this stuff occurred It will come into pressure from July 1 (reported by HL-SPORTS) and subsequently shall be applied in any respect ranges in the upcoming season. It needs to be right here Change the startup shall be defined in element after the aim is scored, as a result of there was some critical information right here. From the summer time, it shall be performed with a decrease throw zone than the Bundesliga.

Executing a throw in the throw zone

The rules stipulate that there needs to be a circle with a diameter of 4 meters in the middle of the middle line that marks the throwing space. After a aim is scored, the group restarts the game with a throw-in from the throw-in zone the place it was scored.
The umpire’s requirement to start out play inside three seconds is that each the participant and the ball have no less than one foot in the throw space.
A participant could transfer throughout the throw zone, not certain by the “three-step rule”, however could not bounce the ball after the ball and should play it inside three seconds. The throw could also be carried out standing or working in any path, however leaping is just not permitted.

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A throw is full when the hand is launched earlier than the ball has absolutely crossed the throw zone line. Also, a throw-in is taken if the ball is handed and touched or obtained by a teammate, regardless of whether or not the ball is in the throw-in zone. However, the thrower could not cross the throw zone line earlier than the throw is taken into account full. This outcomes in a turnover as a consequence of a free throw by the opposing group. The middle line will not be crossed till the beginning of the game until teammates are in the throwing zone.
The defending group could not enter the top zone throughout the throw, however could stay instantly adjoining to the top zone line.

This throw permits the attacking group to additional enhance the tempo of the game. For referees, this implies paying extra consideration to getting the throw proper after the aim is scored.

A realistic answer is required in the decrease leagues

This rule will apply in all video games and age teams of the German Handball Federation in the approaching season. Although a throwing zone should be launched in response to the rules for the skilled leagues and divisions of the German Handball Federation (Division 3 and the Youth Federal League), pragmatic options will be discovered on the high league and league degree. state associations.








Excerpt from the IHF Laws of the Game on the topic: throw-in zone

Rule 1:9
In the center of the middle line there’s a circle with a diameter of 4 meters referred to as the throwing space (Figure 1b and Rule 10:5). A drop zone is feasible
a. to have an space that differs from the enjoying area in colour (diameter 4 m)
b. be a round line.

The throwing space is necessary for IHF competitions and males’s and girls’s skilled handball leagues, and elective for all different occasions organized by continental federations and nationwide federations.

Rule 10.5
a. A throw-in should be taken in any path from the throw-in space inside three seconds of the whistle (13:1a, 15:7 par. 3).
b. Referees could blow the whistle when the ball is in the throw zone and the thrower has no less than one foot in the throw zone. (15:6).
c. The thrower should not cross the road of the throwing zone with any half of the physique earlier than the throw is taken into account full (13:1a, 15:7 paragraph 3).
ie The thrower could transfer throughout the throw-in space, however the ball could now not bounce after the throw (13:1a, 15:7 § 3).
e. The throw will be carried out whereas working. Jumping is just not allowed throughout the throw (13:1a, 15:7 paragraph 3).
f. A throw is taken into account full if the ball first leaves the thrower’s hand after which utterly crosses the throw zone line, or the ball is handed, touched, or managed by a teammate. outdoors the world.
G. The middle line will not be crossed till the beginning of the game until the thrower’s teammates are in the throwing zone (15:6).
Kh. Players of the defending group should be outdoors the throw-in space and should not contact the ball or the opponents contained in the throw-in space till the throw-in is deemed to have taken place (15:4, 8:7c). You could also be out of vary.

A whole set of rules to learn.

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