Jayson Tatum’s Astral Hell

Jayson Tatum’s 2021-22 season ended when it began: in the astral hell. The star was questioned by Marcus Smart, the Boston Celtics sank and it appeared he would stay away from qualifying matches, but things changed in late December. From then on, camia 0 understood what coach Ime Udoka wanted and everything went well. Not at the SAME level, but up to the point of ordering one of the biggest returns within one full-time campaign in the NBA.

Tatum grew up in production while looking for more colleagues instead of trying unique tenders. He scored 3.7 goals in his first 33 games to 4.9 in the next 43 matches. His three-person strike also improved, from 32.8% in December to 37.2% since then. So the Celtics evolved with him. However, he was the best material for the first team in the league.

But it came qualifying matches and he did not do as well as expected, though the series against the Brooklyn Nets was impressive. First, it was his decision-making basket in the first game of the league qualifying matches, which put pressure on the Neti from there. Then the first round ended with a sweep of the team consisting of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.


It may or may not be an excuse. Much depends on the interpretation, but Jayson Tatum was hit the hardest since a shoulder injury in the Third Game of the Conference Finals. Tatum gave up production and began to personalize his offensive games even more.

In Game 4 against the Miami Heat, he was the worst on the shot, with one hit in seven attempts. However, the spending was the same as in the third match. In the following matches against the Heat, Tatum recorded 26.0 points, 10.3 rebounds and 6.3 passes, with 4.7 attacking errors.

When the Celtics were winning, passing the stage, no one set it as a question mark. It was bad, but it didn’t get to the point of questioning his performance or something like that.

Kobe Bryant’s song

Of course, those who analyze the basketball game from a statistical point of view and from the behavior of the players on the court, saw that there was something wrong with Jayson Tatum, the astral hell that was going on.

But then came the smoke screen.

Tatum used the Kobe Bryant tape in the Seventh Conference Finals Game against the Miami Heat. Until then, everything is fine. He was venerating his idol, who died in January 2020. However, this helped to make the criticism against him even stronger.

Not so much for the game, but for the tape of the former Los Angeles Lakers player.

For those who don’t know, the Boston Celtics’ biggest rival is, in particular, the Lakers.

Be it traditionally, for the NBA title (17), for 12 finals (nine wins for Boston), for Larry Bird x Magic Johnson or for the 2008 and 2010 referendums. It supports the Lakers and vice versa. on the contrary.

In the end, the crowd took the right foot of the player, but for no good reason.

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Attack errors have been recurring for Jayson Tatum. When he was playing for the team, he was looking for his teammates sales were controlled. But when he wanted to finish all the games by getting in the way of resistance, jumping in the basket and, finally, passing the ball in a circle, such a failure was very repeated.

They were always similar games.

Tatum goes inside, finds a “wall” in marking and passes the ball in the opponent’s hand into the opposing attack. That was what happened the most, but there was a failure to throw the ball out or hit his arm or leg and leave. All in all, an awesome show.

Against the Golden State Warriors, however, he had little sales (3.8) than against the Miami Heat (4.7).

But do you know what the difference is? When a team wins, mistakes go under the rug. The “easy” transition arrangement he missed against Heat was much heavier than in the NBA Finals.

Usually so, but it should not be.

questioned the leadership

From the moment the team loses, the hunt for the culprits begins. And, of course, if your best player is not doing well All-NBAhe becomes a very simple target.

Then they began to question his leadership, his ability to make his teammates better. Also, they said he was a regular season player, but he is not qualifying matchesignoring the fact that in the previous 50 qualifying games, Jayson Tatum had 2.4 attacking errors and, even without being a real title rival, has never been in an “astral hell” like this.

Yellow then?

Every player has a way of dealing with a problem. While a few can motivate themselves and lead their teams to victory, others feel pressure. And if something is bothering you, such as a shoulder, for example, the situation is getting worse.

I do not believe he is signed or that Jayson Tatum is a regular player of the season. His job numbers are not verified.

The comparison is just to show that this has happened with other players, right? Don’t get out of context, I’m not saying she’s good.

Michael Jordan, for many years, was interrogated for failing to raise the level of competition of his teammates at the Chicago Bulls. They also said that he was not capable of being a champion because he did not have that mark, as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were.

So stop there. Few people talked about the protective features of their marks.

He is very young, talented and will have other chances to return to play in the finals. He lit a warning sign, but nothing could change for the next few years.

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