Jesus makes a decision about Flamengo and the soap opera is near the end

Credit: Divulgacap / Flamengo

A soap opera show featuring the future of Jorge Jesus seems to be coming to an end. Free from the market since leaving Benfica, the coach saw his name mentioned many times by Flamengo fans who dreamed of returning to the club. Angered by the work of Paulo Sousa, the Flamenders understood that the return of the ‘Lord’ would be the best course.

A 3-0 win over Universidad Católica, in Libertadores, decided to last for the Portuguese. Jorge Jesus, who for many people postponed his future while awaiting an offer from Rio de Janeiro, made an important decision.

“I spoke to one of those people who is very close to Jorge Jesus. He made it clear that he did not expect anything else and would hasten his future life which would probably have been a Fenerbahce. Of course, not only Fenerbahce, it has already had other proposals, including Al Nasr, which was the highest value. Now, the news you have is that Jorge Jesus will not wait any longer. Behind the scenes, there was a certain amount of waiting for Jorge Jesus, he still believed Flamengo could contact him, ”said Thiago Asmar, live on YouTube ‘Pilhado’.

“What I have behind the scenes is that Jorge Jesus was still waiting for a proposal from Flamengo, so he turned down some invitations and insisted on giving a stand,” concludes Asmar.

According to Julio Miguel Neto, Cuca may be required for Flamengo instructions. Released on the market since leaving Atlético-MG, the coach is one of those quoted to replace Tite in the Brazilian team.

“Cuca’s phone can ring. Something that was not possible in Flamengo could happen. Cuca, whose name is widely rejected in Gávea, the board now understands that Cuca’s work is a short shot, very much in line with what Flamengo is looking for,” said Julio.

“Marcos Braz, who is one of Rodolfo Landim’s hands, seems to have had his arm amputated. Cuca’s name is starting to be aired on Flamengo. It is possible that Paulo Sousa will fall and these are the names on the agenda. “Not only does he hate Braz and Spindel, but also the president. Cuca doesn’t like it very much, but it is more likely. If Cuca is wanted, there is no guarantee that he will accept it, because he is in this Brazilian team situation. he adds.

The director denies Jesus near Fenerbahce

Former Fenerbahce player Lugano formed roots and to this day keeps in touch with key people within the club. During ESPN FC, the São Paulo statue revealed a message conversation with a key regional director.

“I wrote to a friend who is a director at Fenerbahce. I asked him if it was true that Jesus was about to sign. Then he replied: ‘My friend, how are you? It’s not true ‘. Not the same and not even close. He is the general manager of Fenerbahce. He told me that Jorge Jesus was not around, ‘said Lugano, a former Turkish player with a close relationship.

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