JG Falcade: The Thoughts of Crocodiles and Palmeiras Bewitched

If you are from Palmeiras, your Monday night was very high. But be honest with me: it was in your head all the time it was possible, at least, to draw that classic, wasn’t it? Beyond emotional hope, it was a reality based on reality. You know your team is hard enough to find a change of theme even under the worst of circumstances. You also know that it has not always been this way. As it would sometimes, after very little justice on the field, Palmeiras would lose on the ball and in mind. Nothing more.

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Kobe Bryant is one of my heroes. His passing by another plane still saddens me and annoys me, but he left a legacy that time does not dust or hide under the mattress. With a desire to win, he was always my greatest example of perseverance. Even with gifts, his glory is due to his very hard work, full dedication and confidence in his physical, technical and mental processes. No wonder it carries a concept called Crocodile Mentality.

Already wearing the shirt with the number 24 on the back, after glorifying the number 8, Kobe decided to join the joke that took place on Twitter, with the hashtag #mambamentality. He had looked at the old Kill Bill, and in particular the incident in which a venomous snake was used for murder. Bryant saw how the ‘performance’ of the animal was appropriate, focused and quiet. What a difficult but effective task it was. And how she was able to change her skin – how one changes her identity over the years.

Since then, Crocodile has become a code name and Mentality has gained a world of followers, including me, who have never played sports well, but I decided that I would live from it in other ways. One of his favorite concepts is how unpredictable they can be part of a winner:

Without reading, preparing, and practicing, you leave the outcome to fate. I do not do fate.

Kobe Bryant, in his book Crocodile Mentality.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Have you, palmeirense, ever heard someone from your immediate circle with the same speech? Someone who has a real commitment to hard work and honestly believes that surrender is the only guarantee a athlete can get close to success?

We cannot guarantee victory, because every team wins and loses, but when I work hard, when I volunteer to practice, when I read what I need to do, and when I do, I reduce the likelihood of a future being nailed. our parts.

Abel Ferreira, at a press conference.

There is a bad resemblance here. Kobe won everything he could. He fought when his body wanted to stand up, he trained more than anyone else who tried to play basketball. He wanted more than what was right, more than what was healthy, he didn’t know how to enjoy it, because he was already thinking about the next fight. In his farewell game, he scored 60 points – a completely unusual task, but a little celebrated. It was minutes of bliss, peace of mind, but she was already confused because it was her last time.

Abel is known as a young man at the beginning of his career, with much to live and do, but who already has in his pocket a complete idol worship of one of the largest and strongest football communities in the world. He took, before the age of 50, the highest position in the history of the club which is twice his age and a little more, almost three times. He is respected for his work. He was criticized for the hot blood of palmeirense and his own, but stubborn, and incapable of celebrating.

My wife always tells me so, that I suffer a lot from failure and I do not enjoy victory. And it is true. I don’t know if it’s my creation, I am. When I lose, I suffer a lot, because I do not want to lose. But if I win, I have already opened the page. It’s 24 hours for my players to celebrate, but I can’t have that time. After the victory is over, there is a new victory.

Abel Ferreira, after Palmeiras won 4-0 against Botafogo.

(Photo: Playing / Basketball Favorite)

Would you, from Palmeiras, agree to hear from someone, years ago, that your team would have had an unmarked penalty, a handball goal, in a night game in full Morumbi, and yet you would have turned the game around, without anger, without losing head, without trying to compensate? This happened last night. For embezzlement, with the whole situation against, with very little chance of winning, and you believed it would. And they are so so. And with work, victory came – already in the 50’s of the second half.

How many balls would Gómez be trained to be in the second column on the right cross with Gustavo Scarpa in the south? How many cornerstones would Murilo find in the closing corners and the quietness to do so? How many lectures would there be in order for emotions not to enter the field negatively and steal the tendency to change problems? No wonder, and you know it isn’t.

Kobe says he does not regret the night that ended early for him because he had to go to practice before dawn and how that reflects the night when Larry O’Brien leaned on his shoulders for the NBA champion.

Many people say they want to be great but are not willing to sacrifice to achieve greatness. One of the main ways to take it is that you must work hard in the dark to shine in the light. You need to fight back and not lose sight of the situations that will arise. Anyone who has worked hard knows that there is a way to go.

Kobe Bryant, in his book Crocodile Mentality.

Finally, there is a feature of the game called TALENT. Let’s face it here: Palmeiras is not the most talented squad in Brazil. Kobe was no more talented than his generation (I would argue, but he claims he was not!), But they are very similar in one thing, called work. When they are hungry, they do not stop wanting to win. It is not enough to win a league, a tournament, a game. They always want more, they want the next, they tremble and surrender as if it were the first time. And they’re not happy – they’re working.

These relatives are not afraid.

I was not afraid to lose or be embarrassed by it. I always focused on the fact that I had to try something to get it, and once I did, I would have other tools on my offensive line. If the price of that was a lot of work, no problem. It is important to remember. What keeps many from achieving or even pursuing goals is fear of failure or embarrassment. I failed miserably in my life. And that is why I have succeeded.

This sentence could be from Michael Jordan, a full-time general, it could be from Kobe, a heavenly thinker, or even from Abel Ferreira, a hard worker who commands a team of men who want to win. And it’s a collection of all of that. It is an extract from all, forming a single sentence. That is how they work, each with its own greatness and history, but with a fate passed by a love of work.

What an honor to be able to say that my team has everything to do with Crocodile Mentality, and that my hero Kobe Bryant can be in the same text as my statues from Palmeiras.


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