Lakers prepares a business offer for Bradley Beal

And the beginning of off seasonone of the most competitive teams last season could see a change in defense, according to portal Kevin O’Connor The soundduring his participation in the podcast Empty, Last Wednesday (15). The Los Angeles Lakers would offer a deal to Bradley Beal that would include Russell Westbrook with two first-round pick options from. draft.

“The only name I’ve heard recently is Bradley Beal like any other guy the Lakers want to bring back. But, I’m not sure the interest is mutual. You know Beal, it looks like the Miami Heat would be a big threat to get him out of Washington. of their relationship with Jayson Tatum.However, the Lakers are trying to do a number of steps using Russ [Westbrook] and options [do draft] from 2027 and 2029, “O’Connor said.

However, the reports contradict Lakers’ coach Darvin Ham’s speech. After all, since the new coach was introduced, he has been taking on the role of “bringing back” Westbrook in 2022/23.

In addition, the Wizards have already expressed their intention to stay with Beal for next season. According to Quinton Mayo, from the stage small reservoirthe team is looking for a reliable market to play alongside its main star.

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Problems with the possibility of exchange also include the lack of attractive offers to register a player at this level. In recent seasons, the Angelina Franchise has reduced its assets to take on players like Anthony Davis and Westbrook himself.

On the other hand, it is clear that the arrival of a star like Beal would make the Lakers, in theory, one of the winning teams in the league. That’s because, even playing just 40 matches in the final campaign for the Wizards, he earned an average of 23.2 points, 4.7 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game.

In addition, the most successful franchise in the NBA has already proved more than last year that one of its shortcomings was in the frame. Westbrook failed to play this role in the expected way. In the same way, other names that could take over the industry were not successful. Among them were Rajon Rondo, who was transferred to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as Kendrick Nunn, who did not play any games this season due to a knee injury.

It is possible, therefore, that LeBron James returns to take over the Lakers organization. As it was in 2020, James was a protector on paper and in fact.

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