Lyon announces John Textor’s agreement to become the club’s majority shareholder | French football

Lyon announced an agreement with American businessman John Textor, owner of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol do Botafogo, to become the club’s main shareholder. He will receive 66.5% of the total shares and, in the future, may have up to 88.55%. The total investment in the business has not been disclosed, but the report states that the current value of the club is 798 million euros (R $ 4.3 billion).

The billionaire is expected to invest 90 million euros (R $ 489 million) in the team. The transaction provides that Eagle Football Holdings, a Textor company, acquires shares in Pathe SAS and IDG Capital. Later, he would have a stake in Holnest, a family company owned by Jean-Michel Aulas, who has owned Lyon since 1987.

Aulas, however, will remain Lyon’s CEO (CEO) for the next three seasons. He will also take over the management role at Eagle Football Holdings. The French leader and John Textor will hold a press conference this Tuesday.

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John Textor, owner of Botafogo football, will be Lyon’s main shareholder – Photo: Jorge Rodrigues / AGIF

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John Textor said that Lyon will be the “center” of his football project.

“The project I discovered in Lyon with Jean-Michel Aulas and all his teams will be at the heart of our new organization and our investment in the world football service. Lyon will be the foundation of our project,” Textor said.

– With the help of Jean-Michel and his teams, I intend to highlight the values ​​of development and self-improvement that I have always been committed to. I want to give all Olympique de Lyon fans extra options so that the institution can recover at its highest level, in France and Europe, by respecting OL’s DNA values, such as youth, work, dedication and that spirit. that allows all talents from all over the world to reach the highest level thanks to our participation in the academy. Apparently from the United States, OL is the best platform to make football a success story – added the American.

Jean-Michel Aulas, who will remain president of Lyon for the next three years, celebrated the deal.

– With this project, Lyon opens a new chapter in its tragic history. For 35 years, my passion has always been to make Lyon a unique example in football, combining sports and economic success.

Textor is now expanding its area of ​​influence in football. He already owns a 40% stake in Crystal Palace Premier League, where he sits on the board, and controls 90% of Botafogo and 80% of RWD Molenbeek of Belgium.

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