Madonna wants to make millions by using the fascinating body part of NFT

Any digital assets available today can be converted into a NFT, examples of this are 3D copies of a variety of objects that were transformed into non-fungal signals to be used in online environments – such as, for example, birds and even shoes. But of course, with all this simplicity, some strange things came up, there was already someone creating NFT vaginal itself.

NFT vagina itself
Madonna collection for auction on SuperRare (Photo: Parent / SuperRare)

This is not the first case of NFT being made from something taken from the human body, as was the case with the famous kidney stones that were on the NFTs market that cost more than. BRL 130 thousand.

The difference in this case, however, is not just about the regenerated body part as a non-fungal sign, but who that body part is and who created the NFT.


Madonna Creates NFT Of Her Vagina For Historic Collaboration

Madonnaa pop star, he has made a good partnership with Beepl, digital artist and creator of one of the most expensive NFTs ever recorded (last year he sold NFT from his collection for $ 69 million)

When Mike and I decided to collaborate on this project a year ago, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my worldview as a mother and artist with Mike’s unique perspective. It has been an amazing journey to build this together, from an intellectual idea to an emotional story, to bear art. I wanted to explore the concept of creation, not only how a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also how an artist breeds creativity. Most importantly, we wanted to take this opportunity to benefit mothers and children who are in dire need right now. ”said the artist on the site.

The collection was called “Mother of Creation”. THE official website shows a series of three videos in which an avatar representing Madonna, gives birth to various creatures. The two artists claim that the works “rnow a variety of reproductions in the modern world“.

pieces from the collection

“Mother of Nature”

The first piece in the collection is Mother of Nature, a piece in which the artist opens a tree lying on a cold bed in a laboratory where there was no life other than her own.

“Mother of Reformation”

The second, called Hand of Eolution, brings the artist into what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world, where he raises several butterflies, representing evolution, sitting on the rubble in the center of a ruined city.

This piece brings the idea of ​​creating life in an impossible way, according to the text, man cannot wait for the ideal state to create something, be it art or life.

“Mother of Technology”

And finally we have Mother of Technology, a game that takes place in the middle of a beautiful forest where the avatar produces many mechanical centipedes, demonstrating the miracle that technology is, while revealing the dangers it represents.

price and availability

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post very rarea platform that acts as an NFTs market.

The auction has already begun and is due to end tomorrow, May 13th.

Already bidding?

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