Marilu Bueno’s health condition is considered to be critical, Rio Hospital said

Marilu Bueno (Photo: Rede Globo / Estevam Avellar)

Actor Marilu Bueno, 82, is still in Miguel Couto Hospital, in the South Rio de Janeiro Zone. required by WHO This Tuesday (21), the Rio Municipal Health Department reported that the artist’s health condition is considered to be critical. “Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital’s instructions state that the patient’s condition is critical,” the unit said, without commenting on the cause of hospitalization, which is family-only.

On June 17, Marilu’s health deteriorated after he underwent surgery on his abdomen. The actress is lying in bed and using a ventilator in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).


In early June, columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco he told, in the plan Noon Is Yours, from Rede TV! that the actor was taken by a friend to the Emergency Medical Services Unit (UPA) in the Copacabana neighborhood, and that shortly afterwards he was transferred to Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital. According to the correspondent, Marilu would be transferred from UPA to Miguel Couto Hospital on suspicion of nasal cancer.

In 2016, Marilu had to be hospitalized in the Leblon Regional Emergency Coordination ICU, in Rio de Janeiro, after a urinary tract infection. According to the Municipal Health Department WHO at the time, his condition was considered serious.


A native of Rio, where he lives alone in an apartment in Copacabana, Marilu has been acting since the 1960s and has a huge list of best actors in his career, especially in television and theater. In the 90s, Marilu was present in the soap opera column Body and soul, Four by four and The end of the world.

The actress succeeded in Headhunter, a series starring Angélica, starring Fairy Margarida, one of the main roles in the children’s series shown between 1996 and 1998 on the morning of Globo. In 2003, he participated in Yellow Trunk Website, in the skin of Dona Carochinha, replacing actress Josie Antello. In 2005, Marilu was invited to join the permanent actors of the period.

In 2006, he went to Record TV, where he starred in soap opera forest bugsuch as Tia Zulmira, where she played against Beatriz Segall as two sisters, and in The Fire of Lifesuch as Tia Catarina, sister and resident of Vó Tuquinha pension, played by actress Iris Bruzzi.

In 2016, he entered It’s a Beautiful World!, by Walcyr Carrasco, playing Narcissa. In 2020, he was invited again by Daniel Ortiz back to television Save yourself who canthe soap festival was first shown in January 2020, where it was part of a love triangle created by actors. Grace Gianoukas and Cosme dos Santos.

Marilu Bueno in the Gender War (2012) (Photo: Globo / Alex Carvalho)

Marilu Bueno in the Gender War (2012) (Photo: Globo / Alex Carvalho)


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