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Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) is one of the most famous names in the entertainment industry. His rise to prominence has made him a regular figure in the international media. A victim of an overdose in premature death, the actress left a line of shortcomings that remained open for years – some of which are finally answered in Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Document: Unrecorded Records (2022), released by Netflix.

The production, which is among the 10 most watched films on stage for the second week in a row, is based on an investigation by author Anthony Summers.

Since 1962, much has been speculated about the real cause of Marilyn’s death. At the time, conspiracy theories blamed the US government for the alleged involvement in the artist’s suicide.

The film explores a number of rumors surrounding the actor, from his drug addiction to his relationship with John F. Kennedy (1917-1963), a former US president.

Along with records from people close to the stars, the production brings reports of other big names in Hollywood, such as Jane Russell (1921-2011), who played against Marilyn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).

Marilyn sugar dad

Johnny Hyde and Marilyn Monroe

Johnny Hyde was Marilyn’s Sugar Daddy

When dominated by men, the film industry is often a precarious environment for women. In the 1950s, movie agents took advantage of their market influence to get the attention of the first actors and to seduce them into the possibility of success. However, Marilyn used this to her advantage.

Summers said that, early in his career, the actor had an affair with Johnny Hyde (1895-1950), a highly respected agent in the United States. Three decades older than Marilyn, he left his then wife to invest in artist growth. Their courtship served as a kind of sugar relationship, in which one of the characters offered money instead of a romantic engagement – called a sugar daddy.

So, Hyde, who was in serious health problems, decided to focus on his last 18 months of life in the actor’s public photo. “At night, he took her to meet influential people. During the day, he praised his talents,” Summers revealed. With the help of an agent, Marilyn received her first major role in The Secret of Gems (1950).

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

The marriage with DiMaggio lasted only one year

Domestic violence

Anthony Summers obtained Marilyn’s intellectual records. Despite a troubled childhood, the actress went through ten orphanages and spent two years in an orphanage. His past life has led the star to develop symptoms of paranoia, usochism and a tendency to feel rejected.

Questions like these caused her to develop a strong sense of emotional dependence, which was especially evident in her relationship. In 1954, she married baseball player Joe DiMaggio (1914-1999). However, the wedding did not go as planned.

DiMaggio created the idea that the actress would fit into a good, demure and home model. When her expectations were not met, the actress began to respond harshly towards Marilyn. The culmination of his dissatisfaction came during the recording of O Pecado Mora or Lado (1955).

The comedy film was responsible for creating the scene of the white dress, in which Marilyn has her legs bare. The photo did not please DiMaggio, who, a few hours later, attacked the actress in the hotel room where they were staying. “[Os machucados foram] more on his shoulders. With a little makeup, she kept working, “revealed Gladys Whitten, the artist’s hairdresser.

Marilyn and John F. Kennedy

Although Marilyn and Kennedy did not comment on the matter, rumors circulating that the former president had an extramarital affair with the actress did not agree with the document. To prove the point, Summers rushes to the information provided by Detective Fred Otash, who investigated the life of the Kennedy family on the orders of political opponents.

Otash destroyed the homes of Kennedy and Marilyn. His investigation concluded that, in addition to sexual relations between members of the public, the separation of the couple was a matter for personal decision by the then presidential team.

The end of the relationship came about because the actor became involved with parties that were allied with communism. Associated with the left picture, at the time, would not have been good with the US president. That’s when Kennedy decided to end the affair.

Allegations that the US government killed Marilyn Monroe were dropped by investigators. However, abstinence caused the actress to increase her intake of alcohol and sleeping pills, which caused her to increase her dose.

The document is expected to be released by Blonde, the actor’s autobiography which will also be distributed by Netflix. Acting with Ana de Armas, the feature is set to be released later this year.

Marilyn Monroe’s Secret: Unpublished Records are available on the streaming platform. View trailer:


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