Marina Abramovic launches NFT regular performance and says Web3 ‘of course is the future’

Serbian actress Marina Abramovic is making her own debut for the first time in NFT (non-fungal signals), ArtNews reports. Created in honor of the artist’s grandfather, who died fighting for the former Yugoslavia during World War II, the “hero” show was released as a movie in 2001 and has now become an NFTs collection based on the Tezos blockchain (XTZ). ..

The idea of ​​reshaping the NFT format came when the artist was working to restore the captured images to the video. In “Hero”, Abramovic rides a white horse, carrying a white flag that is waved by the wind, in a bucolic landscape captured in the Spanish countryside.

Examining the work carefully, face to face, Abramovic stated that “something new emerged from the silent and silent images”, as he explained in an interview with ArtNews:

“We found that the movement of the flag in the wind took on its beauty and new meaning in every frame. No two paintings are the same. Wind, flag – they danced together, walking like a breathing creature. Work, now we offer thousands of unique NFTs. This is very modern. This is the age of the Aquarian people. “

With the release of “Hero” on NFT, an artist’s new perspective emerges about unmistakable tokens and new digital technologies as a means of expression. In a statement to the British newspaper The Guardian in February this year, Abramovic said he could not see anything creative in the NFT area:

“I do not like to be an old artist who criticizes everything new, I like everything new, I am curious, but with this media, I have not seen good ideas, I have not seen good content. See everyone talking about how much money I probably never made art for money. the day I was asked to do something, saying, ‘Your job is perfect for NFTs. Why don’t you do something? Someone asked if I could sell myself as NFT. “

Since then, the artist said, he has tried to learn about Web3 and ended up getting acquainted with the creators of crypto space, especially for their ability to promote profits for good reasons, such as environmental protection, for example:

“They are heroes. They are pioneers in the same way as I was pushing the envelope in the 70’s with my acting art. Everyone called me crazy. Few people believed what I was doing at the time.”

According to him, the release of “Hero” on NFT emerges as a way to communicate with new generations, as artistic work is directly related to the thoughts of future events. “Art must be anticipated,” Abramovic said, then added that Web3 “is definitely the future.”

Abramovic also said that his show has a dangerous element involved in terms of audience reception. The release of “Hero” on NFT is another step in the emptiness of the unknown, which is a characteristic of the artist’s work. Trying new places is always an opportunity to fail, says the artist.

Abramovic decided to use the resources obtained from the “Hero” business from the NFTs to provide scholarships for creators working in a recognized position, emphasizing that his goal was to contribute to the establishment of a new community with common values ​​and objectives. .

As inspiration, the artist cites the plans of Russian artist and activist Nadya Tolokonnikova, from the joint Pussy Riot. In March, Tolokonnikova raised $ 6.7 million for humanitarian aid to war-torn Ukrainian citizens. For Abramovic, the plan was proof that NFTs and Web3 could help humanity find a solution to the “ongoing catastrophe” today:

“I want to see some of the ideas that people have in this Web3 space to help save the planet. The donations we will be making from The Hero NFT project are my little way to contribute in the future.”

The artist said that the key to facilitating the transfer of “Hero” to the NFTs format was to cause the least possible impact on the environment. So the Tezos blockchain option for launching the collection.

As Cointelegraph Brasil recently reported, a Portuguese school is developing NFTs and blockchain courses for children and adolescents.


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