Meet the 10 oldest billionaires in the world

Forbes List of Billionaires for the year 2022 lists 2,668 big names from different business categories, ranging in age from 19 to 100, but ten of them turn out to be over 95 years old. They are the oldest billionaires in the world, who together they are worth more than $ 34 billion.

And the curiosity that almost all of them have in common: they spent years of their lives serving war in the Second World War, before graduating from universities and starting their own lucrative business.

See who’s making this list:

George Joseph

The American is considered to be the oldest billionaire in the world, currently 100 years old. He is the founder of Mercury General, an insurance company with $ 3.5 billion in annual revenue.

Its value is around $ 1.7 billion, according to Forbes, less than last year, when its fortune was $ 2 billion.

Its focus was marked by important events. First, she grew up in the midst of the Great Depression of the United States, and then she served as a flight attendant during World War II. Finally, after the conflict ended, he graduated from Harvard and majored in mathematics and physics in 1949.

Charles Munger

Charles Munger

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Munger is the right-hand man of billionaire Warren Buffett (91 years old). At 98 years old, he owns $ 2.5 billion worth of assets – last year it was $ 2 billion.

He is currently the vice president of Berkshire Hathaway, which manages subsidiaries, but also oversees the publishers of the Daily Journal Corp., and serves on the board of retailer Costco.

Like Joseph, he participated in the Second World War as an Army climate expert. He later graduated from Harvard Law School and met Buffett at a 1959 dinner party.

David Murdock

At 98 years old, he has an estimated fortune of US $ 2.3 billion after more than 35 years as president of the agricultural company Dole PLC. He resigned last year, ahead of the company’s IPO.

After serving in the army during World War II, he made a small profit to buy and sell a restaurant. He later turned to real estate in Arizona and eventually built a real estate collection in California and Hawaii as well.

The rich man promised to live up to 125 years, so he contributed greatly to the study of longevity. Murdock, who has difficulty reading, dropped out of high school in ninth grade, worked at a gas station before enlisting in the Army and is now collecting Arabian horses.

S. Daniel Abraham

founder of Narrow-Fast he is 97 years old and has a net worth of $ 2 billion, figures that have remained the same for the past five years.

In 2000, Abraham sold Unilever’s weight loss and diet supplement company for $ 2.3 billion and has since adopted a risk-free investment approach.

Today he puts a large portion of his assets into cash and investments that are easy to redeem. In 2016, he donated $ 3 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Like his contemporaries, he fought in World War II. He was a foot soldier in the US Army. He founded and chaired the S. Daniel Abraham Peace Center in the Middle East, which is advocating a peaceful solution to the conflict. Arabic is Israeli.

from WWII

The Forbes list has more than 90 billionaires who did not fight in World War II. Note:

Robert kuok

Position 48 - Robert Kuok ($ 17 billion) - Parenting - Parenting

Robert Kuok

Photo: Parenting

With a fortune of US $ 11.1 billion, the world’s second-largest billionaire, 98, is the richest man in Malaysia and one of the richest 10 billionaires.

kuok began his career in the rice, sugar and wheat flour business in 1949. He started investing in palm oil, hotels and real estate, launching kuok groupwhere all your wealth comes from.

The group now owns shares in hotels, real estate and goods. In 1971, he founded the Shangri-La network Hotels and rest areas internationally popular in Singapore.

John away

John Farber - Parenting - Parenting

John Farber

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John away is the president of ICC Manufacturing, which sells basic and specialized chemicals. He started in 1952 with the chemical business unit of his father-in-law’s company, focusing on clothing sales and exports.

away and his family left Romania after his father’s business was nationalized after World War II. He regained his company in the 1990’s and obtained a doctorate in polymer chemistry from the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute.

He is currently 96 years old and his value is estimated at $ 1.5 billion.

Masatoshi Ito

The 98-year-old is the honorable chairman of Seven & I Holdings, one of Japan’s largest retail companies. The company is best known for its 7-Eleven stores in Japan, the United States and China.

Ito has seen its fortune increase from $ 4 billion to $ 4.2 billion by 2022.

Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata

Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata - Birth - Birth

Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata

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At 98 years old and the owner of $ 1.5 billion, Ana is the world’s oldest billionaire.

It owns 30% of Grupo Breca, a Peruvian company with shares in real estate, finance, hotels, mining and agriculture.

His father was born into a poor family and married a miner and the daughter of an Italian ambassador to the city of Huaraz.

He has, however, never married or had children.

Ted Lerner

Ted Lerner - Parenting - Parenting

Ted Lerner

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Entrepreneur Ted Lerner, 96, created Lerner’s real estate in 1952. Today the company is a leader in the industry. His wealth dropped from $ 4.8 billion to $ 4.5 billion between 2021 and 2022.

In 2006, he became the owner of the Washington Nationals baseball team. In June 2018, she passed team control over her son Mark, and volunteered for more charity.

Stephen Jarislowsky

Jarislowsky founded an investment management company named after him in 1955. His fortune continues to be $ 1.8 billion by 2022, when he turned 96 years old.

It contains a large collection of art, which is largely made up of Canadian fragments, but also Chinese jade and French Impressionism. Jarislowsky owns Marina Island on the Georgia Seaport near Vancouver.

Jarislowsky founded the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance in 2002 and is an honorary director.

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