Meet the Brazilian who led the Metaverse Fashion Week, in Decentraland


Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro: “Decentraland is a global e-mail blockchain shared and managed by its users”

Launched in February 2020 as a platform that allows players to interact, create, sell and purchase items using cryptocurrency dada, power and starring, in March this year, at Metaverse Fashion Week, an online fashion show brought together more than 30 prestigious brands. The platform event brought together brands such as Dolce & Gabanna, Tommy Hilfiger, Forever 21 and Paco Rabanne, among others, on Fashion Street, a position that sold in November last year for US $ 2.5 million to Metaverse Group, a real company. of real estate specialized in real land.

Producer and presenter of the show, Brazilian Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro spoke to him Forbes Brazil about post-project events and opportunities surrounding the concept, as well as intersections between metaverse and Web3. Decentraland has even strengthened ties with Brazilian brands such as Outback, which sponsored the wedding of Brazilian architect Rita Wu in Decentraland, and Housi, a home-based platform. “There is an opportunity for brands to expand their identity beyond the limits of physical space. Also, for the first time, users can create objects and brands that transform the creative process into something truly interactive”, says Gigi about the possibility of metaverse.

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From university to metaverse

“I started my journey in 2009 in the field of art and technology, and theoretical-practical research in the field of multimedia and XR mechanics in UFSM. During this period I started projects with digital design, fashion printing, Realism and mechanical engineering. Gradually, I became more involved in producing and managing projects in this field, and after completing my master’s degree in Arts and Technology, I taught as a undergraduate professor of Digital Architecture at Senac Santo Amaro, in São Paulo. Then I started my PhD in Open Source and Open Heritage at FAUUSPP, and at the same time I started offering several Pepe Realism and Pepe Realism projects around the world. real computer, IoT, urban installation and consulting for projects related to the mail and expanded world. it fascinated me because I always loved the playful, general, mysterious and challenging things, and I think the potential for re-creating reality is enormous. The idea of ​​rebuilding the world around us has always fascinated me, and perhaps my childhood sci-fi movies also contribute to that.


Metaverse Fashion Week brought together some of the best brands in March in Decentraland

After all, what is Decentraland?

“Decentraland is the e-mail world in a blockchain shared and managed by its users. It is, therefore, a platform that allows the real-time construction and access of a third-party world on the web as well as with a desktop computer, which serves as a platform for community building, socialism. , storytelling and sports. Above all, we regard Decentraland as a social experiment that can signal the future of social networks. “

Metaverse Styles Week

“I have always loved fashion and luxury, and I have worked for a variety of projects and projects related to technology and fashion. But when I started in Decentraland I was really thinking about how I could get more involved in the fashion market, and finally the project was given to me by my creative director. It was a gift of life, which connected much of my knowledge. In terms of experience, it was sharp from a production perspective. We had a total of three months between print printing, summarizing, district formation and collections. It was a race against time, but the event with more than 70 brands was successful and brought together 108,000 users on the platform for 4 days and 60,000 in a special area of ​​fashion districts. We built 2 large districts, one for luxury brands, one for street clothes and digital styles, and a future theme for fashion shows. “

Relationship with brand

“There is an opportunity for brands to expand their identity beyond the limits of physical space. Also, for the first time, users can create objects with brands, transforming the creative process into something truly interactive and a great opportunity for success. I see in Web3 opportunities for designers to expand their stories, explore new beauty, imitate their products and invite consumers to interact individually in the world designed for them. , as it was a combination of brand education about change and production.All of this was done by 3D developers from the consumer community, further strengthening the creative economy.

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Signs and identity extensions

“The idea of ​​being able to expand your identity through an avatar is another important factor in shaping who we are and our values ​​on the web of the future. Therefore, there are two ways for brands to enter the space: contact creators who are already on the platform, create their own experiences or contact the Decentraland co-operative team and we will help introduce brands to creators in the ecosystem and find the right space their establishment. ”



Decentraland is a real-life representation similar to the Sims game where players can interact, create, sell and purchase items using cryptocurrency Mana.

Web3 and Blockchain

“These two concepts are intertwined because they are the result of a long process of technological and social development. The so-called metaverse is the result of development that began in the 1980s, and which today is accessible to everyone, as is the case with XR technology. recognizing that the idea of ​​dissolved autonomous organizations is strengthened through blockchain and vice versa, as sensible treaties guarantee and protect community decisions, which cannot be compromised after voting. Web3 puts aside real-time e-mail and blockchain-built spaces, allowing this world to be associated (integration) with real-world economics, outside of a specific game. its value associated with consumption.In addition, NFTs will take more functionality like action triggers, gifts, VIP access, ID key at events.


The platform also allows for branding and other corporate activities

Metaverse at a glance

“For me the metaverse is a continuation of our physical world, a part of the story we create the truth. He is the part that enables us to create an extra layer of truth, where everything is possible and we can be what we want. I also believe the metaverse will soon leave the screen and I will fulfill its mission of distorting the truth as we see it and releasing the creativity of the communities around us. of equality and the distribution of wealth among the many, and the building of international culture.Therefore, metaverse is a hybrid space of collective social, political and economic construction, which allows the network to be developed by people for people.

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