Melissa appears for the first time in the NFT world with six models of mail shoes

As far as Melissa is concerned, NFT will not be a “collective explosion” lasting months. The Brazilian brand has recently introduced itself, with shoes and boots in a non-fungal version of the sign. There are six examples divided into four groups: rare, epic, mystical and mythical.

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THE boom The NFTs were held in early 2021, and since then, fashion brands have been trying to jump ahead to explore the possibility of metaverse. In Brazil, the novel is still in its infancy and, with this beginning, Melissa shows that she cares about the behavior of new users.

This edition selected models for Flox, Stellar, Beach Slide, Flip Flop Free and Possession to introduce this type of email proposal. Each of the shoes has the smallest amount of NFTs available, all of which are manufactured and certified by the Leading One Technological Leverage. blockchain in South America.

Artwork with a bright purple background and five models of Melissa shoes, also colorful.  The ad piece reveals shoes that came to be NFTs and are available for purchase in metaverse.
Melissa chose five original examples of the brand to start in the metaverse

Art and illustration of Melissa's brand.  In the piece there are two text blocks that explain what NFTs, non-fungible signals are, and how they work.
In unveiling the innovations, the shoe label was responsible for introducing the Brazilian user to the world of fungal signals.

Melissa branded plastic sand with an interesting color finish.  The model is called Possession and is reminiscent of Melissas which was successful in the 1990s. The shoe is in a gradient color background.
Each Melissa model has a specific amount of NFTs available
Creativity and benefits

Paulo Pedó, the company’s executive director, explained that Melissa joined Bergamotta Labs, Grendene’s innovation system, to launch the project. The goal was to “use technology as a tool for emotional connection between the brand and its fans”.

Since the public has not yet changed 100 percent, the company has created a number of real benefits to attract users to NFTs. In addition to discount coupons, those who purchase “casual shoes” will be entitled to exclusive physical products and immersion tours in Melissa’s world.

Advertisement poster for Melissa shoes that were converted into NFT.  Above, it is a Stellar model, of lilac color with emitting particles, and text describing the benefits that a customer will receive when purchasing crypto assets.
Melissa is one of the first Brazilian fashion brands to venture into the world

Advertisement poster for Melissa shoes that were converted into NFT.  Above, Flip Flor's design, of roses and particles, and text explaining the benefits that a customer will receive when purchasing crypto assets.
To attract NFT users, the company will also offer “real” benefits such as discounts and exclusive access to the product.

Advertisement poster for Melissa shoes that were converted into NFT.  Above, there is a Flox design, with a light gray color and emission particles, and text that describes the benefits a customer will receive when purchasing crypto assets.
Melissa believes that brand expansion to metaverse will strengthen relationships with consumers

Melissa shoes from the Possession model in yellow, lilac and orange.  Their material is transparent, transparent, in the colors mentioned.  They are all arranged next to each other in a branded exhibition stand.
Melissa of Brazil was created in 1979 and is now in more than 70 countries

A black woman with long hair poses outside.  He holds a circular mirror, which reflects the blue sky and white clouds.  She is wearing blue jeans, a colorful bodysuit and Melissa shoes in white, blue and purple.
The label is one of the most popular in the footwear industry and has good collaborations with names such as Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood.

Melissa brand translucent lilac slipper on a red background
To enter the NFT market, Melissa chose six classic models

Melissa’s NFT is now available for purchase on the official website of the program. Payments can be made by PIX or credit card and, in the future, the idea is that they will be the exchange rate of other cryptoassets.

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