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London, United Kingdom, September 29, 2023, Chainwire

Having already raised $500,000 in less than 48 hours, Memeinator has already reached the third stage of pre-sale, in its relentless mission to redefine the meme coin sector.

the The project The grand vision was born out of the frustration of seeing relentless broken promises and overpriced coins, which were endless parodies of each other and full of meaningless messages. This has made investors forget a lot of the fun and magic that used to be in the coin business.

With its groundbreaking AI-driven gameplay, thriving community, and out-of-this-world award shows like a trip to space with Virgin Galactic, there’s never been a meme like it.

Based on one of the immortal action films of the 90s, Memeinator is here to right those wrongs. This revolutionary project is building a strong and dynamic community of meme fans from the ground up. A community that shares his vision and is ready to restore trust in meme currencies.

The Memeinator “resistance” is already taking off into high gear with over 20,000 people already joining in Twitter To follow the launch and the lively discussions taking place in both cable And Sedition Communities.

To ensure the project’s credibility and security, Memeinator has been previously audited Strong proof. Solid Proof has been reviewing new blockchain projects since 2020. Based in Germany – the auditor focuses on evaluating project protocols, reliability, smart contracts and KYC assessments of crypto projects. This puts Memeinator alongside high-profile audits of projects including UNCX,, and ZyberSwap.

Memeinator is available for purchase now on the official website website.

Token economy and roadmap

MMTR Tokenomics has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with a generous percentage allocated to community participation for the competition and marketing groups to support pre-sales, and another 5% to provide exchange liquidity. The token will be deflationary, with the team activating a burn mechanism as needed to maintain the price. Take a look at Memeinator White papers To see the full vision.

The whitepaper explains that the project is divided into four meticulously planned phases. This will see the project go from inception in the early phase (team formation, blockchain technology, smart contract development and marketing launch) all the way to the completion of the pre-sale that defines CEX listings and launch of the Memeinator game.

There is also an outline of the staking program and NFT launch, details of which will be announced during the pre-sale.

The ultimate goal, stated as “to obtain the #1 market cap among meme currencies,” forms an integral part of the team’s ambition: ironic yet bold and resolute. This will form a key part of the project’s brand and ethos.

The war meme: a game changer

Memeinator will release Meme Warfare next year. Powered by artificial intelligence, this shooter mixes the chaos of battle with the absurdity of the ocean. It allows players to enter the virtual Memeinator structure to engage in humor-filled clashes as he blasts rival coin-op characters into oblivion.

The coins represented in the game will be consistent with their significance in the real world. Meme Warfare’s backend “Memescanner” AI will scan the web and input data into the game at the same time. This adds an extra layer of engagement and realism. If the meme coin performs poorly in the market, the player’s task is to erase it.

Redefining the meme space by going into space

Memeinator offers Trip of a lifetime One lucky winner will get a trip to space on board Virgo galaxy. Hosted on Gleam, Memeinator shows its competitors that it doesn’t mess around when rewarding its community.

In addition to the first prize, the project will release NFTs exclusively during the pre-sale. While details remain strictly confidential at this point, NFTs serve to further strengthen and grow the community while providing a tangible virtual identity for this pioneering memecoin.

Having already raised $500,000 USD in less than 48 hours, the Memeinator pre-sale is already in its third phase. But with the pre-sale still to go and less than $100,000 before it reaches the fourth stage, users can still participate and win this huge prize.

About Miminator

Miminator It is the antidote to hundreds of meme currencies that lack any legitimate benefit. With its deflating token, engaged community, expertly designed NFT collection, and AI-powered video game, it offers real innovation rather than just hype. Its purpose is to beat competing meme currencies. Along the way, she will generate strong returns for her community by trading and staking her MMTR token.

For more information and to buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit website.

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