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Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

Behind the scenes there are tensions about how the designs will be translated into the e-mail world of Decentraland, concerns about proximity to other brands, uncertainty about media advertising and also who will attend and buy.

“It’s a big test coming up,” says Evangelo Bousis, co-founder of Dundas, who recently made digital appearances for Mary J Blige’s Super Bowl and participates in Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). “We’re all here for the first time – that’s the beauty of it all – but you get worried,” admits Bousis. “We were worried because it’s a brand expansion and we want that to be in the brand.”

“The time for planning and preparation is coming to an end. Designers take time to dedicate themselves to the ultimate concept, which requires immediate implementation from 50 technology companies, ”says Sam Hamilton, creative director at the Decentraland Foundation. And digital displays of the two biggest names in music have yet to be confirmed.

“It’s not really about fashion, it’s about the physical world versus the digital world,” he says, while talking about the adjustments and updates needed to tackle fashion week in metaverse. “This is the first time for many brands to be at an online event. For everyone involved, this is the first time for them to participate in a fashion event of this magnitude.”

The MVFW, which kicks off this Thursday (24.03), on the Decentraland real estate platform, is the largest digital fashion event to date. It is open to anyone and includes a four-day schedule of events: fashion shows, exhibition rooms, shops, panels, online festivals and NFT launch. It has also become a major fashion event, with brands like Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, Dundas, and Cavalli – all ready to join digital companies like Auroboros and DressX.
For participants and observers, the event is a highly anticipated joint venture. Somehow, the fact that this event exists is enough to impress. “Obviously you have high expectations, but we have to come in with open minds and take risks,” says Bousis of Dundas.

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

“Brands will measure success by the quality of implementation rather than the number of sales or participants,” says Shashi Menon, founder of NFT Unxd market, who has helped introduce brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Etro to transform projects, including this one. “Although the desire for digital experimentation has increased in the last few years, there is some concern among luxury brands that technology may have a ‘degrading’ attitude,” he says. “Get rid of some of that magic [física] it can create the fear that they are missing out on what makes them special in the real world, so we suggest that it is possible to preserve and expand that rather than change it.

Menon commends the MVFW brands that are “ready to play with and experiment with medium,” which is important: every brand that enters the space tells a story that affects other brands as well. “The more successful these brands are, the more effective they will be in eliminating the ‘fear’ of other brands,” he says.

Decentraland itself will be under general scrutiny, as visitors and developers for the first time are expected – and are expected to remain online after the “digital parties” are completed. Decentraland’s main competitor is Sandbox.

The first to enter metavreso, Gucci and Adidas, for example, began to develop real estate in The Sandbox and will not participate in MVFW. Some sources say this is because big brands have enough budget to organize their online events – and do not need to share oversight with other brands.

“We try to have power and justice for everyone,” says Hamilton.[Há] excessive friction between fashion brands; they do not want to be placed around others and they all want as much popularity as possible. We do not want to be in a situation where these brands make decisions. We do not want to announce anything as a ‘major event’. “

The big parade still holds the schedule for the first show. Thursday will begin with a Perry Ellis show, followed by exhibitions and festivals organized by Dolce & Gabbana and Philipp Plein, which will feature exclusive digital designs. On Friday, Anrealage, Etro and Dundas will be unveiled, followed by Tribute Brand digital entertainment party by DJ Icykof. On Saturday, Cider, Fresh Couture and The Fabricant will perform, followed by a party organized by Italian brand Hogan and NFT Market Exclusible along with DJ Bob Sinclar. On Sunday, digital art producers Vogue will showcase collaborations with streetwear brand Hype, followed by digital fashion house Placebo; The elegant digital edition of Auroboros will close MVFW, and more events will be announced.

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

This represents a combination of digital and real ones that use the same calendar, but with different strategies. Dolce & Gabbana will showcase a clothing collection designed specifically for MVFW and not based on a previous collection. Etro will feature a non-gender-based look that is first displayed digitally and will be marketed in digital and physical formats.

Dundas will present a 12-page exhibition featuring some of the pieces from the original collection and others created for this special occasion. Although Dundas designs cannot be purchased directly, they will be displayed in an online store. Dundas’ Bousis states that, in the end, he hopes that people will be able to buy both digital and real versions at the same time.

Other indigenous people planning to participate are Nicholas Kirkwood, a temporary store owner with special clothing; with Forever21; Selfridges; Fred Segal; Imitation of Christ, and the elegant watch of Jacob & Co .; and Estée Lauder, as the sole partner of the beauty brand.

See it now, see it now

In addition to showcasing digital collections, brands will open stores and plan the launch of NFT to run sales during the event.

Tommy Hilfiger, in addition to showcasing his Spring 2022 collection, will sell avatable NFTs that can also be converted to real objects, through a partnership with the Boson Protocol. 3D displays of unique styles, such as sweatshirts and sweatshirts, will float among visitors to the online store. Dundas created an art gallery with a panther logo in the center and an avatars area located on the second floor.

Jacob & Co. will unveil the fourth edition of the series of digital clock-based NFTs in time, and Etro will also have a pop-up shop. DressX, in partnership with Metaverse Travel Agency, will showcase some of the NFTs that are part of their Fashion For Peace collection (including Placebo’s top appearance), and revenue from sales going to support the arts, creativity and fashion community. Ukraine. . “The external collection of the chain has already raised about $ 18,000, which has been donated to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry by the 3D designers’ community,” says DressX co-founder Natalia Modenova.

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)

Metaverse Styles Week (Photo: Dancing)


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