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Mr Zuckerberg’s ads are nothing new. Every other dawn is seen, with results that recall the mystery of the mountain that gave birth to rats. It was done with Facebook Locations, Facebook Contracts, Pay Messenger, Libra, Diem, WhatsApp Pay and Facebook Pay, just to name the ones that are on record.

Facebook as a platform has had, and still has, undoubted success, as well as pleasing financial results at the expense of an ethical perspective that can at least be discussed. For it seems that Mr. Zuckerberg wants to extend his values ​​to all aspects of our lives, digital or not. Near Metaverse

The idea of ​​Metaverse is to promote digital technologies in an attractive way that users will not be able to avoid using them on a daily basis, in all aspects of communication, from social networks, phones, conferences or conferences. even shopping. We are talking about real truths and truths that have become part of our daily lives. Will Metaverse make us miss life with the game? However, this new dream of Mr Zuckerberg is still a valuable and unparalleled creation for all types of consumers, including companies. But then why are you shooting yourself in the leg?

Facebook achieved its economic success by using a interface between consumers and businesses, which is why the debate about content control and attitude control is constantly evolving. In fact, it is a platform that is ready (almost) to enrich itself at the expense of advertising, as we have been discovering by various expositors, most recently the worst (Frances Haugen). Indeed, the $ 10 billion investment in Metaverse announced for the first year alone reflects its intention to expand.


At first glance, Metaverse looks just like the new shade of Facebook and so on (read Instagram and WhatsApp), which will make sense. It may even happen that this vision of cooperation is successful, but it is not a bullet in the leg. Utopia is in the path that Metaverse wants to take over the company.

The announcement of the new platform was very clear about the connection between the mail world and the real world, which usually includes companies. In the digital context, Metaverse reminds you Second life (see, probably built on NFTs (Signs that can not be fungus), which can represent all types of digital assets. The decision as to whether this new online world will be attractive or not will remain with the users. However, there is more life in the digital world. Will real-world companies also be able to communicate through Metaverse, using it to support business operations, as advertised?

In fact, integration between the online and real world already exists in China in the Super App system, as in the case of WeChat or AliPay. In these Super Apps, users can communicate and participate in online games. In addition, users can also contact companies, make purchases, and make payments. And the most interesting thing is that we are talking about all the companies that have an open door in the real world without exception, being able, for example, to pay for a taxi, a parking lot, buy a newspaper, or a pair of shoes, all in the same application. It is actually a much simpler form of communication compared to the western world, where we have to use different software to communicate with different companies. With this in mind, Metaverse will be a very important technological change of concept that has already existed in China for about five years.

However, Super Apps are not possible in our economic space, as this could mean, for example, a single payment method, a kind of monopoly, in the whole geographical position. Unfortunately, monopoly of any kind is out of the question in the Western economy (well enough panorama derived from the success of Great Technology) Therefore, it is unlikely that the western world will adopt regulations that would even allow the appearance of the Super App. Of course, Mr Zuckerberg has been trying to move in this direction with the various payment system proposals mentioned above, but all have failed. So it is unlikely that the online rankings on Facebook will expand into everyday trading, with or without Metaverse.

So, Metaverse turns out to be just a new attempt to achieve the same connection as the Super App, but more easily. The idea would be to make a valuable proposition so attractive to consumers, that even controls would have to give up, leaving Facebook, in the Metaverse system, to take over the communications monopoly, and thus control activities that are fundamental to the economy itself. It will not happen. True, content control already implemented by Facebook is sufficient. And that’s why Metaverse is a bullet in the foot.

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