Metaverse is not just a play-win and is already moving millions to Brazil

That metaverse is one of the main trends of 2022 when it comes to technology is not news to anyone. The usual sinking environment is already a fact that, little by little, is winning its place in the world of technological innovation.

International giants such as Facebook, Nvidia and Nike are already gambling in this market through investing in digital systems that allow the creation of 3D avatars, space. partnerships for the construction of metaverses and new technologies for sports, for example.

In the national area, Banco do Brasil also launched email applications within the GTA game server, for example.

To deal with subtle trends like this, it is common for many beginners to wonder how to adapt to a new situation and maintain a sense of urgency of your business in the midst of so much information. Experts from different areas comment below on the main points of focus for Brazilian beginners in this new era.

Something to desire

For Lucas Schoch, founder and CEO of Bitfy, metaverse is a highly potent ecosystem that has never been used, practices still continue to have a bad reputation from the sports and arts industry. The main players in the market are starting to appear in different metaverses, with a guide to selling a variety of items, avatars and land, for example.

For the executive, what has been proven so far, however, is the revenue generation of this market, where it is needed to create an asset file, and thus the Bitfy protection portfolio enters the metaverse as an actor.

All purchases in this real world of mail are made using NFT (money circulating in metaverse as a payment method), available through cryptocurrency (usually Ethereum), which later becomes something the user desires.

Connection to 5G

In the telecommunications market, Jotta Fernandes, CXO of mobtech Veek, understands that the role of digital operators is to connect Brazilians in a simple and accessible way, using 5G technology to make this possible.

“Along with other operators, Veek is working to pave the way for this technology, with an eye to the future, as we look at Chinese institutions starting to test 6G networks, reaching an incredible speed of more than 200 gigabytes per second”, he defends.

progress in health

Just as many industries are now rushing to have a negative impact, health care is also moving in that direction, more than it already is. Therapeutic approaches performed using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are already a practice within the concept of change. Physiotherapy, cognitive therapy and telemedicine itself are examples of this development.

“Even with experts saying it could take years to achieve a better and more complete metaverse structure, we already have the status of what new technology can offer, along with 5G, which in itself, will already improve our services.”, Explains Rafael Almeida, products in healthtech Saúde da Gente.

Information in online business

From bank to retail, metaverse migration takes place. In addition, there are those who were born specifically in this condition, even before they became “hyped”. This is the case with Code Coast, the introduction of improved realities whose main goal is to keep the use of technology in the Brazilian online commerce market.

In the era of radical change, the company will be a service provider and participant in this construction, as it covers a number of areas of activity, such as events and media activities, retail, real estate, construction, among others.

“The Increased Truth Market in Brazil has not yet been explored, which leaves us in the sea of ​​opportunity and growth”, explains Ismael Nascimento, founding CTO.

Metaverse expands business but has challenges

Gabriel Figueira, digital communications specialist and head of marketing at Zappts, technology companies are among the main beneficiaries of this new form of social interaction, as they can suggest new ways to use metaverse, from product development to organizational organization. , for example.

“Considered a hub for innovation, metaverse helped boost the gaming market. Major brands such as Nike, Itaú and Vans have already created common practices and environments to reach a new niche, and thus, to position themselves in this new space,” he said.

Last year Nike created Nikeland within the Roblox game – players can create their own online world, with other game participants being able to interact with the built-in applications.

In addition, the sports brand announced the purchase of the company Artifact Studios, which specializes in the development of sneakers and digital items. The company’s goal is to grow in a modern way and connect with people who love fashion and sports.

Itaú, on the other hand, created the # 2022EmUmaPalavra campaign, with the goal of attracting the company’s sports players. Inserting campaigns on posters in the so-called Cidade Alta, on the Outolel RolePlay server, in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Eventually, Vans also joined Roblox – like Nike -, and created Vans World, a place where you can buy and personalize various styles of special shoes during the game. The company also aims to increase efforts in the digital world between online games and fashion.

Also according to the expert, as the metaverse attracts attention, the challenges behind the scenes surround those who want to implement a common environment in the corporate process, below, check out two of them:

  • Data security: companies are increasingly concerned with data security, so it is not surprising that there is always a revolution in the field of IT. Metaverse demands a new level of protection of identity information and what is available in an online environment, considered property.
  • Time and space: when we compare physical and physical reality, perceptions of time and space may be different, since our body’s awareness is low in metaverse. The connection between time and space must show comfort and awareness when your users are within the online environment.

In addition, regarding the experience that metaverse can provide, it is possible to look at it from two perspectives:

  • 1) Extensive experience: where you have virtual reality audio equipment that allows you to immerse yourself in a three-dimensional metaverse environment, create avatars and connect people anywhere in the world;
  • 2) Screen experience: either with a computer or smart phone, like Gather, which allows a world where users can interact together.

Metaverse and marketing agencies

Saulo Camelo, CEO of Camelo Digital, is a marketing agent that has been on the market for more than a well as changes, new work styles and remote use will affect online shopping and human relationships, and provide the potential for more and more growth in networks.

According to him, in this way, everything will be done together: work, watch movies, access streaming platforms and share content on the web. According to Saulo Camelo, based on these values ​​proposed by Metaverse.

He also points out that the use of Metaverse is endless because it can promote interaction between humans without the need to share real space. In this way, email offices, 3D tours, exhibitions and exhibitions will become increasingly popular.

“Metaverse would be a good step for any marketing company. The new technology should further increase the number of people working remotely after this catastrophe. “We will take the end user experience to the next level and thus grow in this niche. By integrating technology and the possibility of working remotely, the terms ‘innovation’ and ‘benefits’ could not be further integrated”, he says.


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