MoonDAO can send users into outer space for free NFTs collection

  • MoonDAO purchased two space tickets with Blue Origin and will select astronauts through a public drawer and other competition features.
  • Anyone can win the chance to go to the sky by creating an NFT “Space Ticket”. You must be on the Month List to create.
  • NFT tickets will be available on May 29 at 15:00 UTC and can be made free of charge.

On May 5, MoonDAO announced that there was purchased tickets to the New Shepard Blue Origin rocket flying in the sky. Today, MoonDAO announced that the owners of its new collection of non-fungal (NFT) “Space Tickets” can get a seat on the trip.

To make the opportunity available to anyone, MoonDAO offers each of its NFTs “Free Tickets” free of charge, allowing anyone to create NFTs and fly in the sky with a Blue Origin rocket. There will be 9,060 NFTs for “Tickets to Space” available for production, and one minute per person will be used. Users must be on the Month List in advance to join.

Collect NFF Free ‘Space Tickets’

To create one of the MoonDAO NFTs for “Space Tickets” free of charge, sign up for the MoonDAO Month List here:

Subscribing to the Month List is simple: users can register their Twitter or Discord and authenticate with an ID. Being on the Month List puts them on the NFTs repair list on May 29 at 15:00 UTC.

How will MoonDAO choose who to fly in the sky?

On June 5th, the photo will be taken for those with NFT “Tickets to Space”. Each owner will be included in the public random drawing. Winners of the MoonDAO astronaut selection process can fly in the sky, provided everyone also meets the Blue Origin flight requirements. Blue Origin reserves the right, by its sole and perfect decision, to examine all prospective persons and to approve or deny access to any travel.

Benefits of NFT ‘Space Ticket’

Aside from the chance to go to the polls, NFT owners will also receive MOONEY, the administrative symbol of the autonomous governing body (DAO), and will vote on the decisions of MoonDAO. NFT owners will be full members of the DAO with benefits such as special access to future DAO projects, access to special events such as aerial party banquet, and access to exclusive Discord platform sections for NFT owners.

The original story of MoonDAO

Founded in November 2021, MoonDAO is a DAO integrated with the mission of sharing access to space research and innovation. It was launched at Juicebox with the original goal of raising $ 450,000 to send members into the air and achieve huge success for 2,623 Ethers (ETH) – equivalent to about $ 8.3 million at the end – collected by the community.

Currently, the community has a net worth of over $ 40 million. Its recent space travel project for its community represents MoonDAO’s first major step in space exploration, but this is the first mission: the platform has a map of many years ahead his.

What’s next for MoonDAO?

MoonDAO is committed to devolving access to space research and observations and aims to build a new type of organization that facilitates international cooperation for space-related projects.

In line with this commitment, MoonDAO recently launched the MoonDAO Project Program, which gives anyone worldwide up to $ 50,000 in the first month for projects that develop the mission outlined by MoonDAO. Projects are broad and may involve research, engineering, administration, international space cooperation or the arts. Current projects in the MoonDAO pipeline include the construction of the MoonDAO satellite, the preparation of the first music video recorded in the sky, and previous projects leading to the creation of the MoonDAO rocket.

How to join MoonDAO?

Anyone can join MoonDAO by joining MoonDAO Discord. Contributors can also purchase the MOONEY administrative token from MoonDAO, giving token holders the right to dominate DAO and help guide human beings towards the future of the galaxy while bringing everyone together for transportation.

There are no prospects for profit from the PESA token; it is a symbol of domination. No one receives partial ownership of DAO assets other than tokens. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information and disclaimers.

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