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Ceni fired?

Bad results for homeowners added to the pressure and criticism of Rogério Ceni’s work. Despite this, the coach continues to have full board support.

According to information from journalist André Hernan, members of the board have strongly opposed changes in Tricolor’s movement throughout the season. In other words, Ceni is not in danger of being fired, at least once.

Milton Neves blows São Paulo athlete: “Former athlete”

Among the names criticized were Igor Gomes, who was named a weak footballer and striker Éder, who was named a former player and commenter on his official Twitter account.

“Rogério Ceni continues to bet on former player Éder, for weak footballer Igor Gomes, he brings in players who do not put on the field, he changes teams badly at half-time and gets worse. He changes. What’s going on Ceni? Or are the players to blame?” he wrote.

Patrick admits to the frustrations and failures of São Paulo and Palmeiras in Brasileirão

In an interview after the game, Patrick admitted to being frustrated by the poor results, but insisted that the club already needed to focus on the match against Palmeiras himself in the last 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

“We have to lick the wounds. Today, no one was expecting this defeat due to the situation created in the game, painful to take turns in overtime. Thursday is another race, another rule. We have to lick the wound, prepare well, mentally, especially play good games. Our goal is to classify – to be assured

The former director of São Paulo surprises and criticizes Rogério Ceni’s behavior against Palmeiras.

Before Palmeiras’ two goals, Rogério Ceni opted for Miranda’s entry, a behavior that the former São Paulo manager did not like. On social media, Marco Aurélio Cunha rejected the coach’s choice for the defender.

“It is very difficult for a defender to enter with a few minutes left. Game fire with cold protector. The quality of an opponent is a dead ball. The position of team defense on the field changes. It is very dangerous. It may work, but it confuses those who mark it “, wrote Marco.

Neto blows Rogério Ceni after the defeat of São Paulo and Palmeiras in the Brasileirão Serie A.

Former player and presenter Neto, in his stint at BandSports, Baita Amigos, blew up coach Rogério Ceni after the defeat. According to him, the coach made “many bad changes” in the Morumbi team.

“São Paulo, I don’t know what, then Rogério goes, made a lot of wrong changes, took the best players from the team… It’s amazing how he can be the main character in the opposite, it’s interesting. It’s very crazy. Then Palmeiras changes Dudu from the side right to left in the second half, Palmeiras is improving a lot ”, said Neto.

São Paulo de Casares recruited 16 players, but only one ‘worked’ at the club

The stakes made by the current Tricolor Paulista managers have not borne fruit in the competition despite the high prices paid

Conflicts could prevent São Paulo from improving DM

São Paulo’s Medical Department has been criticized in recent years for its inadequacies in dealing with rivals. The plans of this club industry to achieve the goal of improving the medical and performance component, however, have gone into trouble.

Heavy weather! Rogério Ceni talks about the situation in the changing room of São Paulo after the defeat in Brasileirão

When he left the field, the three-color coach was not happy with the defeat, especially how it happened.

“I am not happy with the results in the situation, tomorrow I want to work and try to rebuild”, Said Rogério Ceni.

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