Nautical fans are stoned to death outside; watch video | soccer

Once again, the stadium in Pernambuco became a hotbed of violence. During a match between Náutico x CSA, in Aflitos, on Thursday night, for Série B, a team dressed in a foreign team uniform, which had not yet been able to reach the stadiums, threw stones from outside. (see video above). As noted by ge, organization members from Santa Cruz, team members from Alagoas, also participated.

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Some of the stones hit fans in the middle of the stadium and caused a commotion.. They recorded on social media in times of tension in stadiums and videos – one of them produced by journalist Renato Barros – with statues of stone.

Fan Bruno Campos posted on social media photos of his bloody shirt after being hit in the head. And he commented on the episode.

– It was supposed to be a special night for me, to meet my father and do something that brought us together all the time: watching sea sports. It was not just a tragedy! The organized crowd is CANCER in football, and removes any magic on the show. I suffered from this violence doing what I love most in the world, and it makes me very sad and angry, it is a feeling of disappointment – he said.

“Football has nothing to do with that … That’s why I will stop going to the stadiums, but I certainly advise you not to take old relatives, or children, and take care of yourself, because it is in one of these that life ends in ignorance. Such fear is not something I want to go through again. anytime soon “, added avrrubro.

Náutico fan shows a bloody shirt after being stoned in the head in Aflitos – Photo: Production

Náutico fan showing stone thrown by CSA and Santa Cruz organizers outside Aflitos – Photo: Reproduction / Renato Barros

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The confusion, however, began to erupt before the ball was even rolled. Supporters of the organized CSA could not enter the stadium and the situation caused a stir. Moral bombs were used by the Military Police as a means of scattering uniformed members. Noises were heard from within the Torture.

Only in the 33 minutes of the first half were members of the CSA organized group released. It is known publicly that fans wearing Santa Cruz uniforms are teaming up with the Maceió team.

Ge contacted Pernambuco Military Police for more information. Articles will be updated when there is a response.

Náutico fan shows stones thrown from outside to Aflitos – Photo: Production

Náutico fan showing stone thrown by CSA organizers and Santa Cruz outside Aflitos – Photo: Disclosure

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