NBA champion and former teammate LeBron James is now in Bitcoin ScrgruppEn

Today, only Bitcoin exchanges, Swan Bitcoin, has welcomed NBA champion Matthew Dellavedova to its team as vice president of business development, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Dellavedova is known for his illustrious professional basketball career and accomplishments in the NBA, including an NBA championship in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and an Olympic bronze with the Australian national team in 2020.

Dellavedova, who has been actively involved in investment and advisory roles for startups since 2017, is now turning his attention to the Bitcoin industry. “I’m excited to join Swan to help spread adoption, especially in the sport and Australia, where I still play professional basketball,” Dellavedova said. “It’s been really fun learning from the experts at Swan, and I’m looking forward to educating athletes, in particular, about the benefits of Bitcoin.”

His recent involvement with the men’s basketball team at St. Mary’s, his alma mater, has demonstrated his dedication to offering Bitcoin to athletes, especially in light of recent changes to name, image and likeness (NIL) rules that provide new opportunities for college athletes.

One of the main aspects that Dellavedova is focusing on is how Bitcoin can help young athletes save for their future. Due to Bitcoin’s inherent degradation-preventing properties, it is considered a reliable asset to maintain and appreciate value over the long term.

“Matt is a smart entrepreneur and investor. He is clearly an incredibly disciplined and hard worker,” said Corey Klipsten, founder and CEO of Swan. “But the biggest reason Delly joined the Swan team is his dedication to spreading Bitcoin adoption and the audience he can reach outside of the Bitcoin industry.”

Matthew Dellavedova’s move from the basketball court to the Bitcoin arena exemplifies the growing interest and potential of Bitcoin across various industries, with prominent figures using their influence to promote its adoption and benefits.

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