NBA Draft Statement Report (6/20/2022)

Welcome to the June 20 issue of the magazine draft of the NBA, your regular source on Brazilian skipper about league registration!

Nikola Jovic already has a promise in the first round

There has never been any such suspicion Nikola Jovic he will be elected for the first term draft this year. But the forward may already know in what position he will hear his name called next Thursday. According to Raphael Barlowe of the site Draft NBA JunkiesSerbian expectations will be guaranteed in the middle of the TOP 30 ranks. Liability guarantee, however, is confidential.

The Serbian prospect has already received training in the area for teams like the Houston Rockets, Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets. All, by the way, have options between 16 and 22 in total in hiring. Then there would be the possibility of reliability.

Branham considers himself the best scorer in the draft

Malachi Branham it was not such a name mentioned at the beginning ofdraft, but it comes on the eve of hiring with high expectations. The guard is set, after all, even as a lottery option in several estimates. What has changed? According to him, the teams discovered their ability to score.

“What sets me apart from others, in a nutshell, is how well I do in fasting. I do this out loud, through pitch or infiltrations. I feel like I am a very capable and resourceful player, so I end up being the best in this class, ”said the confident defender.

Shaedon Sharpe cancels practice with Pelicans

One of the most bizarre prospects of draft of that year showed signs that it already has its stated condition. According to Jake Madison of Podcast Network Tied to the NBA, Shaedon Sharpe canceled a training session organized by New Orleans Pelicans. This type of posture, as a result, indicates to the team that the athlete is confident they will be selected first.

The Pelicans hold the eighth overall qualifier and the guaranteed defender is known to have trained for at least five teams that he selects first. But this cancellation may have other details: he visited San Antonio Spurs and received a promise. Despite the low position in recruiting, Sharpe can rate Texans as the best job opportunity.

Chet Holmgren would love to play Thunder

Chet Holmgren it remains strong and powerful as a candidate for the first draft option. But what if he did not want to? This is a rumor, for example, that circles behind the NBA curtain on the night of recruitment. According to Ryen Russillo, from the web The soundthe prospect and his supervisors would look more “positive” at the chance to play the Oklahoma City Thunder than the Orlando Magic.

“Chet and his representatives want Oklahoma because they see the actors having more freedom and better opportunities than Orlando. and visited the equipment of the Magic team.

It was even thought that Holmgren might not give his body test results to any team except Thunder. The strategy, therefore, would be to force its “collapse” to the second total option. But it is already known that this was not the case either.

In transition

– axis Khalifa Diop is about to be selected in draft and, moreover, a team change in Spain. The 20-year-old, who is expected to be selected in the second round of recruitment, could leave Gran Canaria and head to Valencia.

Jabari Smith he also seems quite convinced that he will be one of the first two options draft. After all, he completely chased other teams and only visited Magic (1) and Thunder (2).

– Recruitment do not bring immediate support in order Philadelphia 76ers fighting for the championship. So the team has to go the other way: it tries to “connect” the 23rd option with Danny Green to get certified players.

– The name outside the radar that grows on the night of waking up draft Ni Adonis weapons. According to Keith Smith of the site spotracthe guard may be the “underdog” who will be selected in the stretch at the end of the second round.

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