NBA rewards 6 schools in Brazil for recyclable baskets | nba

Hoops made of tires, improved baskets and bamboo baskets and even face shields. There were many solutions from teachers from 196 schools in Brazil who enrolled to join Jr. NBA. Six basket projects with reusable equipment were the winners, announced this Friday.

The winning schools were:

  • EMEF Caxixe (Venda Nova do Migrante / ES) by Professor Geraldo Sérgio Brunelli Carreta
  • EEEF Santo Agostinho (Erechim / RS) and coach Laisa Ferst Bard
  • EM Rosiris Maria Andreucci Stopa (Atibaia / SP) and Professor Luiz Gustavo Galle da Silva
  • EM Pauline Parucker (Joinville / SC) and Professor Fernando da Silva
  • Canon Olímpio Torres (Tuparetama / PE) Reference School by Professor Antonio Carlos Gomes Martins
  • EMEF Professor Shirley Guio (São Paulo / SP) and Professor Amanda Cristina Lopes Romão

A recyclable material basket that overcame the NBA challenge – Photo: Production

The six schools will receive an official set of NBA products, as well as balls, jerseys, trophies and other official equipment. This project is a partnership between the American League and Impulsa, the Instituo Península faculty teacher training program.

– Since 2021, 10,000 teachers have already registered for the free online course of Jr. NBA. Now, we see knowledge being put into action in challenges. We believe in changing the dynamics of school sports and basketball is one of the tools for that – said Rodrigo Vicentini, head of the NBA Brazil.

Basketball Challenge Awards NBA Creative Design – Photo: Handout

Professor Geraldo valued the native culture of Espírito Santo to create baskets made of bamboo baskets at the Caxixe school. Teacher Laisa solved the problem of adjusting the basket length with a loop made of pasta and wires at Santo Agostinho school. Professor Luiz Gustavo built a table with pallets and hula hoops at the Rosiris Maria Andreucci Stopa school. Professor Fernando used tires, EVA and canvas to make a ball-bearing basket for a student at Pauline Parucker School. Professor Antonio Carlos burns motorcycles and wood to build a basket for the Cônego Olímpio Torres school. Teacher Amanda uses a face shield and rubber bands to recall the most difficult times of the coronavirus epidemic at Shirley Guio School.

– This project aims to encourage sports in schools and show its importance in youth training. In addition to physical health, Physical Education also develops cognitive and emotional aspects of students, and therefore needs to be valued – explains Vanderson Berbat, director of Impulsa.

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