NFT.Rio promotes participatory exhibition to connect Brazil to international digital arts scene in NFT

With the aim of connecting Brazil with local artists in the global marketplace of the non-fouled token market, NFT.Rio will bring together 100 artists in a participatory exhibition at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, between June 30 and July 3.

The first international exhibition on undisclosed tokens held in Brazil will showcase digital art at NFT, bringing together approximately 1,000 works of renowned artists, such as XCopy, and established projects, such as Art Blocks. NFT.Rio will also present a collection of renowned collectors, such as American rapper Snoop Dogg (aka Cozomo de ‘Medici), who prepared the selection from his personal collection specifically for the exhibition at the event.

During the four days of the event, the parallel program will bring together artists and experts in panels, workshops and events and an excellent class that will expand discussions on NFTs technology capabilities in other aspects of modern culture, such as sports, music, sports, metaverse, community digital and DAOs (independent independent organizations).

Among the highlights will be the top class with the ArtBlocks team, the main NFT production art project on the market, a discussion on NFTs applications in the playground, which will bring together skateboarder Bob Burnquist and Felipe Ribbe, head of development Brazil and, and a discussion about the impact of the NFTs on the distribution and sale of music, as well as the presence of musician and composer André Abujamra, who is also an ambassador for, the first Brazilian platform for NFTs focusing on music.

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph BrazilThe creator of NFT.Rio, Marcus MPC, explained that the project arose from his experience as the founder of CryptoRastas, a Brazilian NFTs project that integrates the reggae culture and CryesPunks’ aesthetics, from the inspiration of the NFT.NYC, a pioneer event. of its kind, which ended up gaining independent development in several cultural capitals in the United States and Europe, such as Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam:

“The main purpose of this event is two ways to dramatize local ideas internationally. One of the main motivations for creating NFT.Rio is to see Brazilian artists placed in this international arena.”

NFT.Rio was created as a way to bring together some of the key players in the international market and the Brazilian designers and collectors community in a space commonly used experimentally in the field of contemporary art. Parque Lage is home to one of the most important visual arts schools in Rio de Janeiro. Not surprisingly, it was chosen to organize the exhibition, seeking to attract a larger audience, as well as those who are not yet familiar with the NFTs, explains Marcus MPC:

“Our mission is to introduce NFT culture to a new and wider audience, and also to help empower Brazilian creators on the international stage. We chose Parque Lage as a place of art reference in the country and a postcard of the city.”

The exhibition space will be divided into three environments. The first is dedicated specifically to beginners and will have a didactic perspective. Visitors will have the opportunity to understand the cultural and technological context in which NFTs were created, from the creation of Bitcoin (BTC) to the evolution of blockchain networks.

The second environment brings together the very tasks that can be achieved through interactive devices. The highlights of the national show are Uno de Oliveira, Fesq and Mike Deodato, whose work will be shared with internationally renowned artists such as North American XCopy and Justin Aversano, and Carlos Marcial of Mexico. Products from the top NFT collections on the market, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks will also be part of the exhibition.

Size Two – Fesq. Source: NFT.Rio (Disclosure)

Eventually, users will be able to interact with the part of the NFTs selected for NFT.Rio in a detailed setting based on virtual mail. In parallel with the Parque Lage event, the public will also have the opportunity to visit NFT.Rio at a high level on the Cryptovoxels platform, said Marcus MPC:

“Shortly before the official opening of the exhibition, we will open our space in the metaverse. We created a copy of Parque Lage at Cryptovoxels, where part of the work will be shown, along with some special steps that have not yet been revealed.”

NFTs take over the city

NFT.Rio entered into a partnership with EletromĂ­dia to spread the NFTs in various parts of Rio de Janeiro in an effort to encourage enthusiasm and spread the unmistakable signs among cariocas, said the organizer of the exhibition:

“Although Brazil has very active NFT communities, there are still a large number of people to reach. Most people still do not understand what NFT is, or have never heard of it. In the days and weeks, everyone will come. In the NFT out there, and this will be An important step for our national region, putting Brazil in the international arena. “

NFT.Rio comes at a time when the undiscovered token market is being affected by the global economic crisis and the collapse of the cryptocurrency. The value of market capitalization and the base price of the main collections of the NFTs have decreased as well as the amount transferred by the market.

This, however, should not diminish the interest in the topic, believes Marcus MPC. NFT.Rio producer and creator of CryptoRastas sees this market situation as normal after last year’s explosion.

On the contrary, Marcus MPC believes that temporary market cooling could end up being a long-term benefit to the market maturity and ecological systems that NFTs have been developing:

“Somehow it was an expected thing, when it was new it had a bang, people call it foam, but I think it’s more than foam. , these high interest rates are declining, but the people who are part of the ecosystem, the creators and collectors continue to build. refined and that is a positive thing. “

The NFT.Rio exhibition space will have free admission. Debates, workshops and masterclasses can be attended by paying for tickets.

Tickets are sold in two ways: per day, which provides access to all side events for a specific date, and costs R $ 120; or a combination that provides access to a full four-day NFT.Rio program and costs R $ 400. Anyone who buys any ticket will win two NFTs from Mercado Bitcoin, which is the main sponsor of the event.

As Cointelegraph Brasil recently reported, Brazil finished second in the NFT-approved international rankings, with nearly five million users.


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